Can cats get pink eye?

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My cat is a very loving one, he’s always there to attend me whenever I feel sad or in pain. There’s this one time that I acquired conjunctivitis which is can be passed in contact with human interaction. I myself worriedly thought that I might transmit this pink eye infection to my cat. But can cats get pink eye? 

We all know how irritating and how annoying the pain and itch of having a conjunctivitis. How do you know if my cat has pink eye? This is why I am so worried that my cat might get it from me. Being bothered if can cats get pink eye, I compiled these guidelines that may be helpful to you all. 


Conjunctivitis is also known as pink eye issue. It is an inflammation of the conjunctiva of our eyes. Conjunctiva is the thin layer that covers the white part of the eyes and lines the inside of the eye. Conjunctivitis is contagious and can spread rapidly but it’s rarely serious and will not damage your vision. 

Can cats get pink eye?

Conjunctivitis though contagious, you may not transfer this to your cat. However, YES your cat can get a pink eye. Though Conjunctivitis in humans is contagious, conjunctivitis on cats cannot be transmitted to humans. 

Conjunctivitis in cats has 2 primary cause, it can infectious and non-infectious. There are some common non-infectious reasons that cause conjunctivitis to your cat:

• It can be caused by trauma

• Foreign object

• Allergies or irritants

While for infectious conjunctivitis there are three main sources:

• Mycoplasma

• Feline chlamydia

• Herpes virus

The most common cause among the three is the herpes virus. Cats that are regularly socializing with infected cats are prone to acquire it. Otherwise, there is some bacterial cause too that may result in conjunctivitis such as dry eyes.

Symptoms of Conjunctivitis to Cats

There are some signs that you need to look at to determine if your cat is suffering conjunctivitis. Here are some signs that you need to observe at:

• Your cat may be having redness around the eyes.

• Your cat has fluid discharge in their eyes. Sometimes this can yellow, green, dark red or clear.

• Your cat persistently squinting caused by the irritation. 

• Your cat frequently rubbing its eyes.

• Your cat’s eye is tearing. 

• Lastly, it may show in upper respiratory infection such as sneezing.

How do you treat pink eye in cats?

Though medications for conjunctivitis in some places can be an over the counter, for your cats it’s a big NO to get the same medicines that human uses. 

Once you observe that your cat experience the signs that it may be having conjunctivitis, it is better to bring it to your veterinarian. Your veterinarian will conduct a culture test of your cat’s eye. The culture test will determine if it’s caused by irritation or infectious virus. 

Will cat conjunctivitis go away by itself?

Depending on your cat’s medical case, there’ll be different types of medications that may resolve conjunctivitis to your cat. If conjunctivitis is caused by suspected allergies, the vet will be giving the cat with anti-inflammatory drops such as hydrocortisone. 

Otherwise, if the cat is diagnosed with herpes virus FHV-1, a different approach of medications will be given. Herpes to cats is something that will not go away, instead, it will remain dormant and may flare at times. When re-occurrence of conjunctivitis caused by this, you may need your vet’s advice. 

How long it will take to cure?

Your cat’s conjunctivitis may heal within two to three days. However, if it didn’t change within 3 days, follow your vet’s instructions until it goes well. In case, symptoms continue to persist, go back to your veterinarian. 

Cat eye infection home remedy

Simple eye irritation may be resolved by simple home remedies like rinsing your cat’s face. In case an infectious disease is causing conjunctivitis, the intervention of your veterinarian is needed. 

Here are some home remedies you can do for your lovely feline:

• Cleaning around the eye of your cats. Make sure to clean it with clean cotton and avoid rubbing your cat’s eye. 

• Applying some teaspoon of apple cider around the neck of your cat. 

• Distilled water rinse. Make sure that when you rinse your cat, you have a blanket to warm them, since they are prone to fever. 

How to prevent conjunctivitis?

We would love to keep the safety of our feline and away from the pink eye disease. Here are some ways that can help your beloved feline stay away from conjunctivitis:


Keeping track of your cat’s vaccination is necessary, especially for those that are diagnosed with the herpes virus. Vaccination can help the disease to remain dormant. So make sure not to miss any of your cat’s vaccinations.

• Keep an eye to your feline friend especially during playtime. 

Cats’ nature is being playful. Make sure that your cat’s play area is free of objects that may cause trauma. If your cat goes out and plays with other cats, be observant if your cat may acquire certain infectious bacteria from its playmates. 

• Manage stress

Stress can lower down the immunity of our cats. It’s the best way to help our cat manage their stress levels by petting them, giving them food, water, and such needs. 

• Wiping your cat’s eyes

You may wipe your kitten’s and cat’s eyes with a warm cloth to keep their eyes from dust particles. 

Can my cat go blind when conjunctivitis isn’t treated?

Though conjunctivitis to our loving cats may vary in severity it is rarely to cause blindness. However, please don’t delay having a checkup with your veterinarian once your cat showed symptoms of conjunctivitis. Prevention is better than cure. 

As always we wanted to protect our cats from the different diseases that may cause harm to them, it may be unavoidable to sometimes catch it. In case, the best advice is to seek professional attention from your veterinarian to address conjunctivitis with proper medication and ways to cure it. Providing your cat with its basic needs and necessities is surely can help maintain him a healthy, adorable, loving cat that we always adore.

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