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Can Cats Drink Gatorade?

Do you ever have some leftover Gatorade and wonder, “Can a cat drink Gatorade?”.

There must have been some moment in a cat lover’s life where they have wondered about the good effects of Gatorade on a cat’s body.

Well, let us then feed our curious souls.

Can Cats Drink Gatorade?

First, let us try to understand what exactly Gatorade is meant to do.

Gatorade is very aggressively marketed towards athletes. It is meant to be an energy drink.

Just because Gatorade is marketed toward athletes, it does not mean that the common folk that does not enjoy running cannot enjoy the drink.

The ingredients present in it provide hydration for athletes.

Gatorade also mentions that it can help athletes stay hydrated for a longer period.

Now, when you drink a bottle of Gatorade, it is reasonable for you to want to share the goodness of the drink with your cat.

But without the proper knowledge of the ingredients and the tolerance of the feline system, you can easily cause serious damage.

In addition, you might unintendedly cause your cat a lot of trouble.

So let us find out more about how good or bad Gatorade is for cats.

Can Cats Drink Gatorade?

Let us discuss all the things that are in Gatorade.

  1. Water
  2. Dextrose
  3. Sugar
  4. Flavoring
  5. Salt
  6. Sodium citrate
  7. Modified food starch
  8. Glycerol ester of rosin

These are only some of the ingredients that are present in all the Gatorade bottles.

With the difference in the flavors, the ingredients differ slightly.

But for cats, salt and sodium citrate are extremely harmful.

Hence consuming Gatorade in a significant amount might be fatal.

For most people, when they drink Gatorade, it is not much of a different experience than any energy drink.

Cats are not made for consuming artificially concocted energy drinks.

So, their body will be quick to detect which ingredient does not agree with them and then react vigorously to it.

Another important observation to note is that their body in proportion to our is tiny.

An amount of Gatorade that seems fair for us will be a lot for a cat.

Based on the difference in proportion, the number of nutrients that we absorb, and their effect will differ from that of a cat.

Their body will absorb more of the ingredients, and the reaction will be immediate.

Citrus acid and salt are both ingredients that do not agree with cats.

They have evolved to detect citrus smell and avoid it. It happened for a reason.

Can Cats Drink Any Drink?

The feline family is a wild one. We have fortunately been able to domesticate only one of its species.

As you will understand, cats in the wild are carnivores, they road around and hunt for food all day.

They do not have cat food with artificial flavorings at their disposal.

So, they have to find food themselves.

Hence water is the only source of hydration for cats.

They do not require any particular hydration technique.

If you were thinking of giving them milk, reconsider your options.

Some cats are lactose intolerant. You will know when your cat seems to have diarrhea 30 minutes after drinking milk.

Also, if your cat is old, please do not give them milk.

Having enough water in their water bowl is enough for their hydration. There is nothing more necessary.

How To Revive a Dehydrated Cat?

Dehydration in cats is no joke. Cats are known to survive up to 7 days without water.

So, if you think your cat is dehydrated, consult the doctor immediately.

Usually, dehydration in cats is related to more severe health issues.

Therefore, they need to be given medical care as soon as possible.

Once you have had a professional opinion on your cat, you can decide to make certain changes to your routine.

This will help your cat get better and, at the same time, make them less prone to having another hydration crisis.

You can place multiple plates or bowls of water around your house.

So that whenever your cat needs to rehydrate, they can help themselves to some water.

Wet food for cats is also a good choice to incorporate more water into their diet.

Sometimes, cats enjoy drinking water from a source that is running.

You need to take note if your cat likes to sit on the side of the sink and lick the dripping water from the tap.

First, they might enjoy drinking running water, and thence, the stagnant water in the bowls does not amuse them.


Overall, for the question, “Can cat drink Gatorade?” we have received some conclusions. First, the thought of giving a dehydrated cat some Gatorade is, by itself, harmless.

But in the end, the cat will not enjoy the post-Gatorade experience.

Of course, as pet owners, it is common to want to give the best treatment to their feline friends. But in this case, Gatorade is a solid no for cats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gatorade safe for pets?

For cats, the sodium citrate in the Gatorade is harmful. Hence little dosage of Gatorade is safe. For dogs, Gatorade is not that unsafe, but a few sips do not hurt them. However, the recommended hydration method is to give them sufficient water.

What can you give a dehydrated cat?

Add some chicken broth to water and feed it to the cat. They can enjoy the flavor and drink the water easily.Adding ice cubes to the water will also intrigue the car and make them drink more water.

Can you give cats Powerade?

The same as Gatorade with slightly more electrolytes, Powerade is just as harmful to cats as Gatorade. You can give them a little lick, but not a whole bowl full of Gatorade.

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