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Can Cats Drink Orange Juice?

Have you ever felt that a few healthy juices could help your feline friend, and suddenly the question pops in your head, “Can cats drink orange juice?” But before you head straight towards making your cat a healthy meal plan, you must know if it is safe for them or not.

Can Cats Drink Orange Juice?

Well, if they find a dish or cup of orange juice, they will give it a lick. But is it safe for the cats to drink? Unfortunately, the answers are only slightly longer.

Cats are not supposed to like fruits. The feline family is generally carnivorous. Hence it is not very normal for them to be interested in fruit juices.

You might think that this is a good idea. But, sometimes, you just look down at the goofy fluffball and realize that their current diet is not working well.

They are getting chubby, and that might affect the cats later in life. So, you try to give them a bunch of juices to balance the calories out.

Given the situation, that might not be the best idea. Everything good and safe for us is not the same for other animals.

They are built differently with different survival adaptations. Their system works differently than ours.

Therefore, we must know how to take care of our well-being and our beloved pets responsibly for our well-being.

Can Cats Drink Orange Juice? Is It Harmful?

Let us first understand the oranges from the point of view of a human that is you. Oranges are a citrus fruit. Hence, they store a massive amount of vitamin C. Other than that, they also provide us with many other essential enzymes and roughage. Very helpful for most humans to boost their immune systems.

But here we are talking about whether they are safe for your feline companion or not. Unfortunately, the answer is regrettably no.

All citrus fruits, including oranges, are notably dangerous for cats. This is because they cannot process the vitamin C that citrus fruits are rich in.

Hence, although oranges might be a significant part of your daily diet, you must avoid feeding your cat at all costs. Not just oranges, but any food that has citric acid should be avoided at all costs.

Do Cats Like Oranges?

No, in general, cats do not like oranges or any citrus fruits, for that matter.

The feline family has been bred to be hunters and carnivores. Even the most docile house cat is not meant to be herbivores.

They hence do not have it in them to like sugary fruits. They might try it if you insist. But they will not intentionally ask for it.

Other than that, the citrus smell is off-putting for cats and the feline family as a whole. They usually avoid them.

That is unless they get intrigued by seeing you enjoy a piece of the orange. They would only then like to try some of it.

Curiosity is in their nature, and they cannot avoid it.

Do Cats Enjoy No-Sugar Orange Juice?

Sugar plays no role in making something harmful and fatal for the cat.

Yes, sugar can make it sweet, and consuming too much sugar is not particularly good for the cat, but it is not fatal.

In addition, the sugar in whatever it is that the cats are devouring can make them get bulky quickly. However, that is still not dangerous, as in fatal.

The component of orange juice that does not agree with the feline system is its content of vitamin C. Hence no-sugar orange juice is still orange juice.

If anything, it might even act quicker to kill your pet since there is no sucrose to mask the vitamin C for any amount of time.


Overall, from the discussion about “Can cats drink orange juice?” we can conclude the following. First of all, never insist on your cat to have oranges.

The citrus smell is repelling for them. They have evolved over the years to identify what to and what not to eat. The vitamin C in citrus fruits makes it deadly for cats.

Secondly, even if you think, no-sugar orange juice is healthier for the cat and maybe not that harmful. That thought needs to be nipped at the bud.

If your cat has drunk a drop of orange juice, that might not be the end of the world. However, you should let your vet know. Orange juice is so dangerous for cats you should be very careful with such things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cats Allowed to Drink Orange Juice?

They can sneak their way into your pantry and taste some orange juice. Does that mean they should? Not.

If you see any symptoms of poisoning, absolutely contact the vet.

Is Orange Toxic to Cats?

Orange by itself does not have many bad things in it. However, the vitamin C part of it is the only one that makes it deadly for the cat.

You should always make sure that your cat is not getting into any citrus fruits that you store.

Can Cats Drink Any Kind of Juice?

Yes, they can drink apple juice. It is safe for the cat. However, you must remember apple juice does contain large amounts of sugar.

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