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Can Cats Eat Apples? Top 10 Apple Facts For All Cats

Unravel the mystery of cats and apples – Can cats eat apples? Explore the top 10 apple facts tailored for your cat’s well-being.

Gain valuable insights into whether apples are a safe and enjoyable treat for your furry friend, ensuring a healthy and informed approach to feline nutrition.

Can cats eat apples? Many pet owners love to include fruits in their diet as snacks or desserts. Some end up being tempted to share a slice with their feline friend.

But is this a good idea?

Cats can eat apples or watermelon and they are known to be ideal for their health.

According to medical research, an apple a day can keep doctors away. But can an apple keep a veterinarian away?

The good news is that apples are okay for felines but never feed them the seeds and the core part of the apple.

Therefore, you need to remove all the seeds and core parts before sharing a slice with your furry friend.

According to veterinarian research, apple seeds are proven to contain cyanide which is a toxic substance.

The substance can poison your feline friend if they happen to eat the seeds.

Cats and apples are two things that never go together if precautions are not put in place.

If your furball happens to ingest the apple seeds then it is advisable to consult a veterinarian.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the more detailed questions like can cats have apples? Are apples bad for cats? And can cats have applesauce?

Are Apples Safe for Cats?

The crucial factor here is the meat part of the apple which is safe for cats. Also, apples are safe for cats if eaten in moderation.

Always have the habit of cutting the apple meat into small pieces before feeding the feline to avoid any chance of choking.

Never allow the cat to eat apple seeds and the inner core since it is proven to contain some amount of cyanide.

Cyanide is a chemical compound known to cause cat poisoning.

Remove the seeds and core from the apple before allowing the cat to eat the apple.

By any chance the furball swallows the seeds and eats the core of the apple, you should take her to the vet for an immediate checkup.

Can Cats Have Applesauce?

Not advisable at all. Commercial applesauce contains artificial flavors and preservatives that might ruin the well-being of the cat.

These chemical substances from applesauce can trigger allergies in cats and it is something not good at all to see your feline friend suffering from allergies.

Many pet owners tend to find it hard to differentiate between mashed apples and applesauce.

Mashed apples with seeds and core parts are safe for the cat.

The good news is that felines can eat mashed apples without any negative impact on their health.

If your furball does not ingest the mashed apples then the chances of experiencing vomiting and diarrhea is high.

We recommend you consult your veterinarian in case of these signs.

Can Cats Have Apples?

Absolutely yes. Cats can eat apples. The combination of cats and apples tends to be funny. But remember to feed the cat with apples in moderation.

Apples are quite popular in many American kitchens and they are known to have great nutritional value to human beings.

The nutritional value of these fruits helps to combat certain diseases not only in humans but also in felines.

According to veterinarian reports, apples can help reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer, and asthma in cats.

Also, cats eating an apple is likely to have lower cholesterol, slow aging, and reduce cancer cells from growing.

Cats are obligate carnivores and this does not imply the feline owners to change the diet of their friends.

Giving a slice of apple to your furball once in a while is a good idea. But strictly adhere to the feline cat food diet.

Are Apples Toxic To Cats?

Apples are not toxic to cats but this is applicable when the seeds and core part are excluded. A small amount of apple is not poisonous to cats.

The best thing to consider is removing the core and the seeds from the apple before feeding the feline friend.

These two parts of the apple are proven to be dangerous since they contain a certain amount of cyanide.

Excessive accumulation of cyanide in the feline body can cause death or sometimes the cat might experience diarrhea and vomiting.

Can Cat Be Allergic To Apples?

Many cats love the taste of apples but a few tend to experience allergies after consumption.

If you are planning to introduce apples to your cat then this should be done gradually by giving her a small piece.

Observe any sign of reaction for a while though it is safe for cats to eat apples.

In case of any reaction then you have no option but to stop.

Are dogs allergic to apples? Yes. This is the reason why pet owners with dogs and cats should be careful when dealing with apples.

Although apple is the healthiest fruit, overfeeding your feline can be too bad.

Try to moderate and remember cats are obligate carnivores.

Can Cats Have Apple Juice?

Well, a small amount of apple juice won’t hurt your feline friend. The presence of antioxidant properties may be beneficial to your feline friend.

Moderation should be the key just like any other food.

Too much apple juice might upset the stomach of the cat since their digestive system cannot digest the sugars present in the apple.

Commercial apple juice is not good for cats since they contain artificial flavors and preservatives that might cause an allergic reaction.

Do All Cats Eat Apples?

Absolutely not. The taste of apples varies from one cat to another. There are some felines that love the taste and others that are not interested at all.

If your feline friend is not a fan then there is no need to force them since after all the fruit does not have great nutritional value to them.

They can typically be used as supplements for those felines that tend to enjoy the taste of the apples.

How to Prepare Apple for Cats

Cats eat apples but this should be done with restrictions.

There are a few tips to put into consideration when preparing apples for your feline friend.

First thing first, wash the fruit thoroughly with clean water. Cut the apple in a way that you are able to remove the seeds and the core part.

Slice the apple meat into small pieces and give it to your feline friend. Or you can mash the meat and mix it with the normal cat diet.

Although apples are great for your feline, never substitute them with a normal cat diet.

Cats are obligate carnivores and they rely more on animal proteins for their survival.

Alternatives to Cats Apples

What if your feline friend does not like apples? Well, that is perfectly fine since there are plenty of other foods that are suitable for the cat.

Some of them include:

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  3. Can Cats Eat Cherries?
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Can Cats Eat Apples: Summary

Cats can definitely eat apples. Due to the presence of cyanide in the seeds and core, it is advisable to remove them first.

Also, it is never advisable to feed older cats with apple juice since it will increase the risk of diabetes.

Above all, cats can eat applesauce that is made at home rather than the commercial one.

Commercial applesauce contains strains of chemicals that can cause an allergic reaction.

Use the comment section below to share stories about cats and apples. We will highly appreciate it.

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