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Can Cats Eat Bacon?

Even if you would not expand the article’s explanation regarding this topic, you can answer directly since bacon is the most common food all over the world.

To give you a little touch about bacon, consistently, it is salt-cured meat from pork.

The preparation is from assorted distinctive cuts of pork meat usually from the belly or from cuts in the back which has less fat compared to the belly.

Bacon can be eaten purely when cooked or grilled with hot sauce. Furthermore, it is one of the ingredients in cooking various dishes with flavor to any part of the globe.

Have you tried cooking bacon as the main ingredient of your recipe? Of course, and I am pretty sure that you have included the flitch several times in your recipe.

Have you ever tried serving bacon to your felines? As we all know, cats are carnivorous mammals.

Maybe, a plate full of bacon is not enough for your kitty especially when they are too much hungry.

But there is a limitation of giving your kitty a slice of bacon, a small could be enough.

This is so important in giving only a piece of small-sized bacon so that you would not encounter some troubles with your pets.

To answer the query stated above, can cats eat bacon? The straightforward answer is yes. Your cat can eat bacon but not served every day.

It is secure for your kitty. You can feed them with bacon as a treat of being a good pet to you. If humans need meat once or twice a month, your kitty needs it in their diet too.

Amount of Bacon to Your Cat

Bacon is widely known for its exceedingly high content of sodium (salt). Could you imagine, a piece of cooked bacon encompasses around 137.4 milligrams of salt which is equivalent to 10 times apart from the suggested everyday salt consumption for your cats?

A small piece of bacon is enough for your kitty because if you give too much, excess sodium can start to gastrointestinal or health problems for your cat.

So better to be aware to avoid problems with your felines.

Why Bacon is Not Recommended?

Aside from high sodium content, it is highly a fatty substance.

For the most part, cooked or raw bacon originally comes from the pig’s abdomen which is positively enclosed with fat. Mostly, it is processed with fat uncut.

So, it is expected to have more fats in it.

Talking about pig fat, no one is aware that it is ferociously delicate, especially to the cat’s body which is very petite in size.

Giving extra bacon to your cat can cause health issues such as sudden vomiting or even weakness. Be sure to consult a veterinarian expert on your cat’s healthy diet.

Can Cat Eats Raw Bacon?

Again, as I mentioned earlier, before giving your kitty raw bacon meat, you have to consult first the veterinarian expert to avoid any health problems for your cat.

You may follow the advice of the expert to avoid confusion. On the other side, if you trained your feline to feed raw meat from the first time he eats he has strong resistance to raw bacon meat.

Be sure the meat is genuinely raw, fresh, and not alleviated.

There are many cats out there eating raw meat, especially those kitties who are wild and free. This is proof that the cat eats raw bacon.

The Result when the cat eats Raw Bacon

At first, feeding your feline with raw bacon must take some precautionary measures like consulting an expert veterinarian since we are aware that raw bacon is not secure for your kitties.

The veterinarian’s advice must be followed. Besides, cats are carnivorous which means meat is one of the material things which their bodies need.

You can give an infrequent delicacy but not in excess because it can cause health problems such as vomiting, and any other health troubles of your kitty like dehydration, obesity, clogged blood vessels, and high blood pressure.

What Happens If Your Kitty Ingests A Lot of Bacon?

If your feline consumes too much bacon, you will notice abrupt vomiting or gastrointestinal troubles. You must take a keen observation of your felines.

I also notice when my cat is suffering from weaknesses due to excessive food consumption, he will go to our backyard and look for medicine grass and he slowly bites it and returns to his usual position and resting.

After all, after resting for 3 to 5 hours, my cat is doing fine and lively. They know how to identify grasses that would cure their tough feelings.

Same as dogs, I noticed also that they will spend time looking for medicine grass to cure their bad conditions experience. Luckily, they are cured too.

Both cats and dogs are smart enough to find grass to cure their bad feelings.

They are both experts in smelling the grass to have a better feeling of themselves or getting cured.


A small-sized and cooked bacon treats your feline in the right proportion to have a steady healthy diet.

Providing your cat, bacon every day is bad for the health of your kitty.

With the knowledge and management of our veterinarian, raw bacon is fine for your feline.

An abundant amount of bacon is not allowed in your kitty because of its high sodium and fatty content.

Giving your cat a piece of bacon with too much fatty material can lead to hypertension, salt poisoning, obesity, and blockage of arteries.

Commercial cat food is still the best or following your recipe for making daily cat food.

If your cats like the pleasant smell of your bacon, you can give him but only a petite size of the bacon. It is proven safe; many people have tried it.

Serina Russow
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