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Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken? A Must Read Guide

Can cats eat raw chicken? Well, it is normal for cat food to get finished without your knowledge and this is one of the questions that will toss your mind on the ocean at that particular moment.

Raw meat tends to contain bacteria and parasites that are not ideal for humans since they can easily fall sick. But what about our feline friend? Keep reading…

In this article, we are going to explore detailed information about the benefits and risks of feeding the cat raw chicken. Let’s cut to the chase.

Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken?

Yes. Well, is it true? Cats are carnivores and this implies that they can feed on raw meat of birds and small rodents.

Besides that, furry friends can eat the organs and bones of the prey without any problem. They tend to have the same features as those of the wild large cats in the forest.

Therefore, the issue of feeding your feline friend raw chicken meat should not worry you at all. These creatures have a digestive system that can digest raw meat.

The digestive tract of the cat is quite short and full of acidic substances that can digest the raw meat within twelve hours.

The parasites and bacteria present in the raw chicken meat cannot thrive in the cat digestive system due to the acidic condition.

Therefore, the chance of food poisoning happening to your furry friend is 100 percent zero. If you the cat food is over then do not starve your feline friend.

Hungry cats tend to make a lot of noise at night and this can give you a sleepless night. Cut the raw chicken meat into small pieces and place them in the cat bowl.

Furthermore, you can read our article about cat yowling at night and get to know other factors that trigger this meowing behavior.

Is Raw Chicken Good for Cats?

According to research, raw foods help to improve the immunity system of the cat. Besides that, cat natural diet is full of raw food.

Therefore, feeding your cat raw chicken meat is quite safe and ideal for their immune system in the long run.

This is the reason why many cat owners are shifting from commercial foods to raw foods. Here you’re sure of what kind of ingredients your cat is eating.

Some commercial feeds tend to contain some ingredients and preservatives that can ruin the health of your furry friend.

Always shift the food of your cat gradually to avoid cat vomiting and diarrhea issues. On the other hand, raw chicken meat has its own shortcomings. Let’s find out more below.

Is Raw Chicken Bad for Cats?

Many cat owners today are avoiding commercial foods for their furry friends due to the toxicity brought about by these foods.

However, the most important thing to consider in a portion of cat food is nutritional value rather than affordability or availability.

Feeding your feline friend frequently with raw food including raw chicken meat subject them to potential bacterial and parasitic contamination.

According to research, not all raw foods are safe for cats. Some foods might increase the risk of bacterial and parasitic infection in your feline friend.

This is happening because most of these chickens are fed with artificial feeds. Scientific research done by USDA shows that every one out of five chickens has salmonella.

But we recommend you include raw chicken meat in the diet of the cat rather than making it the all-time food.

Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken Necks?

Chicken necks tend to contain soft and small bones. Therefore, a cat has the capability of chewing the neck bones with ease.

Here is the truth about the delicacies of neck meat and bones. They are known to contain vital minerals and vitamins such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

If you are planning to feed your feline friend bones then it is advisable to consider the raw chicken necks.

Always pay a lot of perceptional measures since these bones might choke the cat to death. If possible smash the bones into tiny pieces for easy chewing and swallowing.

Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken Wings?

Chicken wings are other nutritious parts of the chicken meat. Feeding your furry friend with this part of the chicken is likely to experience improvements in the immune system.

The bones in the wings are quite soft and fragile. This implies that the cat can chew and swallow without any problem.

Also, the meat tends to be tough and this may be helpful for the dental development of your furry friend.

If you own a kitten then pay a lot of precaution since she might swallow a big wing bone which can choke them to death.

Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken Mince?

Chicken mince is soft and easy to eat. This is a perfect meal for kittens and senior cats who have a problem with their dental formula.

However, we recommend feeding the cat with a small amount of raw chicken mince since overheating may trigger cat vomiting.

Well, take time to read one of our articles about cats throwing up and learn about other causes that trigger cat vomiting.

Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken Bones?

Raw food such as raw bones has great nutritional value for cats since it helps to provide calcium that helps to foster bone development.

According to veterinarians, it is advisable to give your feline friend breakable bones that are small in size. The chewing process helps to enhance dental health and mental stimulation.

You can opt to feed your feline friend with either raw or cooked chicken bones since they all have great nutritional value.

Besides that, we recommend feeding your furry friend with bones in the bowl so that you can monitor their safety.

Watch her next bowel movement. If there is the presence of blood in the bowel movement or your cat experiences vomiting. Consult your veterinarian immediately.

Also, you might opt to cut down on consumption of any bones and this will be helpful in the long run.

Cat Cats Eat Raw Chicken Skin?

Chicken skin tends to be fatty although your feline friend will still eat it.

The softness of the raw chicken skin is digestible and it will not pose any dangers to your cat.

The fats help to nourish the cat’s skin coat hence the chances of experiencing dry skin and hair loss will be minimal.

However, feeding your feline friend with chicken skin alone will affect their bowel movement after some time.

Try to supplement it with other cat foods with fibers.

Can Kittens Eat Raw Chicken?

If cats are eating raw chicken meat then kittens are no exemption in this case.

But ensure they are done with weaning before introducing raw chicken meat.

During the initial stages, we recommend you debone the chicken and cut the meat into small pieces.

Introduce them to large pieces gradually as they grow up.

Raw chicken meat is ideal for kittens since they tend to need more calories, proteins, minerals, and vitamins as they grow.

According to experts, raw foods for kittens have low nutritional value and hence are not suitable for them.

Consider cat foods recommended for kittens until they grow up.

You can consult your vet for more information before introducing your kittens to raw foods like raw chicken meat.

Health Risk of Cat Eating Raw Chicken

If by bad luck your cat’s food got exhausted without your knowledge then it is good to feed her raw chicken meat for satisfaction purposes.

Therefore, do not make raw chicken meat the main diet for your cat since it contains a low amount of nutrients necessary for your cat.

Scientific research shows that raw chicken meat lacks taurine and amino acids.

Lack of these nutrients might lead to hair loss and reproductive problems.

Besides that, the raw meat of chicken contains salmonella which can result in an infection known as salmonellosis.

A cat with this infection is likely to experience diarrhea, vomiting, and fever.

Sometimes, she might experience a sudden weight loss and this might pose stress to the owner.

Therefore, we recommend not to give your furry friend more raw chicken meat for these reasons. Unless it is under a compelling reason but not always.

Health Benefits of Cat Eating Raw Chicken

Raw chicken meat has low nutritional value when compared to canned wet cat food.

However, there are some minimal health benefits associated with raw meat.

Raw meat of chicken contains a lot of proteins and since cats are carnivores, they need more proteins in their diet.

Besides that, the raw meat of chicken does not contain ingredients that might temper the digestion process of your feline friend.

Lastly, chicken wings, necks, and drumsticks help to keep the cat’s teeth healthy.

The chewing process also helps to foster mental stimulation.

Final Remarks

Cats are generally not picky eaters and the chances of them saying no to raw chicken meat is zero.

If you do not have any cat food then consider feeding them with raw meat of chicken.

However, due to the risk associated with raw meat from chicken, ensure this is done once in a while to prevent the buildup of salmonella.

The good news is that you can opt to cook the chicken meat so that we can get rid of any possible bacteria and parasites that might pose any infections.

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