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How Long Can You Leave A Cat Alone? Days to Weeks

How long can you leave a cat alone? Well, this is a tough question to answer and it tends to toss the mind of many cat owners who have a day job.

The good news is that cats are independent creatures with a mind of their own. But they do suffer a lot when they are left alone for a couple of days.

But worry no more. There are a couple of ways you can leave a cat alone while heading to a holiday vacation or day job.

In this guide, you will learn about steps to consider when leaving a cat alone for 10 days, weekend,s and while at work without causing much stress to the furry friend.

Do Cats Get Lonely When Left Alone?

Absolutely Yes. Cats are social creatures and they have the ability to form strong bonds with human beings despite being independent.

These felines tend to miss the companionship of their owners especially if they are left alone for a couple of days.

The craving for companionship normally makes other felines become stressed and sometimes experience separation anxiety.

Therefore, leaving a cat alone for 10 days or more can make them become bored and sometimes experience behavioral changes.

If you’re planning to leave your feline for a long period then try to enrich their environment with cat trees and toys for entertainment. This will help to break the boredom.

How Long Can You Leave A Cat Alone At Home?

According to the veterinarian report, it is never advisable to leave the cat alone at home for more than 24 hours especially if there is no one to check on her or him.

If you intend to leave the cat alone for a week then request someone to keep checking on him or him frequently.

Frequent interaction helps to break boredom and also get to know if she suddenly falls down to illness.

However, you can leave a cat alone at home for a maximum of 36 hours but we are not recommending this idea at all.

Generally, never leave a feline alone at home over the entire weekend without a cat sitter or a friend. A cat sitter will ensure the furball eats, drink water, and even change the litter box.

If you have got a day job then worry no more since this normally lasts for about 8-12 hours and this falls within the recommended period.

In case you’ve kittens less than four months then develop a habit of checking them during lunchtime. This will help you know more about their health and well-being.

How Long Can You Leave Two Cats Alone?

A lot of cat parents make mistakes assuming that leaving two cats alone at home for a long period is safe.

Unfortunately, the trick tends to backfire in most cases. Cats are funny animals and they tend to choose their own friends though they love humans.

Some felines never get along with other felines especially if they have not socialized for a couple of times.

Therefore, they might have issues when it comes to sharing litter boxes, food bowls, and even the house.

If you’re planning to get a feline companion then this should be done in advance so that they can create rapport before leaving them alone.

However, cats that have a good relationship with each other can live together without human supervision. But never intend on leaving cats alone for a weekend.

Can You Leave A Kitten Alone?

Not recommended at all, especially if they are less than four months old. But if it is about going to work then remember to check on them at lunchtime.

The best thing to consider is leaving behind clean litter boxes, food, and drinking water, and trying to keep away any hazardous products.

Another great idea is keeping the kittens in the large crate to ensure they are safe and they have plenty of space for playing.

You can also hire a pet sitter to give them company though the idea tends to be quite expensive in some cases.

Can You Leave A Cat Alone For A Week?

Is it cruel to keep cats indoors? Absolutely yes especially if it is going to take more than two days alone.

Cats tend to crave companionship and leaving them alone at home for a whole week could trigger behavioral changes.

Leaving a cat alone for 2 days, 3 days, the entire weekend, and for a week requires proper preparation, or else they might cause serious damage to the house.

Here are some of the things to consider when planning to leave felines alone at home while on vacation. They include:

Keep the Kitty Indoor

This should be the first thing to consider and the idea helps to minimize any risk associated with being outdoors.

However, if your cat is outdoors then leave then outside until the day you come from vacation.

Hire a Pet Sitter

Arrange to get a pet sitter who will be coming to provide food, and drinking water, and even change the litter box.

Frequent visitation by the pet sitter also helps to break boredom and minimize any stress formation.

Kennel Your Feline

Get a large crate and kennel for your cat. This will help to minimize movement and destruction in the house.

Ensure the kennel has toys, food, and bedding. This will make your feline feel comfortable and entertained.

Is It OK Leaving A Cat Alone While At Work?

Yes. According to the survey, more than 60% of American cat owners still work at a job away from their homes.

This implies that they tend to stay away from a feline friend for about 8-12 hours per day but this still falls within the stipulated time.

The best thing to consider is setting up enrichment activities for your furball to ensure they get enjoyment while you are away for work.

Try to watch out for any strange behavior such as loss of appetite, and disinterest in favorite toys and groom. This will help you know if the feline misses companionship.

Is It OK to Leave a Cat Alone For A Weekend?

Sometimes, many pet owners tend to leave their felines alone over the entire weekend without any problem.

This was a big mistake since cats tend to care much about their owners. Leaving them alone for the whole weekend could result in separation anxiety and stress.

We recommend you hire a pet sitter for this period though this tends to be a very expensive thing to do.

Another option is taking her or him to a daycare facility and this will help to prevent boredom until you’re back.

Is It OK to Leave a Cat Alone For 10 Days?

It is never recommended to leave your feline friend for more than two days since this is considered cruel.

You need to put all precautionary measures in place to ensure your feline friend is safe and healthy while away for 10 days.

Ensure all the basic needs are available and call upon a friend or pet sitter to offer assistance in checking on her frequently.

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