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How To Wean a Stubborn Kitten?

Often, a lot of people have a question: how to wean a stubborn kitten? Cats are extremely independent when weaned, making it one of the most critical phases of their development. Usually, kittens start weaning from their mothers when they’re four weeks old. It generally lasts two weeks. After that, it is not difficult for kittens to transition between milk and solid food. Despite this, a few kittens repeatedly request milk and refuse to leave the queen alone.

How To Wean a Stubborn Kitten?

You can wean a kitten to eat solid food on her own by helping her transition from nursing (or bottle feeding). During this period, kittens often need extra support to ensure they receive the proper nutrition in the right amount and keep them on the right path to success and independence.

When a kitten is four weeks old, wean them bottle feeding, replacing their kitten milk with kitten milk replacer, adding a small amount of soft food, and then starting him on softened dry food.

The challenge of weaning a stubborn kitten can be overwhelming. Several kittens can defy their mothers and refuse to wean. To support a growing kitten’s body growth, it is not acceptable to tolerate this stubborn behavior. It is also good to teach the kitten how to eat itself without the mother cat around. During the weaning process, every kitten needs to learn this survival instinct.

The Root Cause of The Problem 

Due to their unpredictable nature, cats sometimes seem hardheaded on more than one occasion. That said, if a kitten refuses solid food and insistently drinks milk, there must be an excellent reason behind it. Therefore, when trying to figure out how to wean a stubborn kitten, you have to keep a few possibilities in mind.

Cats generally don’t understand what’s acceptable and have a carefree attitude. Thus, it is normal for them to go bonkers occasionally. The kitten is currently nourished by mother milk, so they must adjust to solid foods gradually before weaning.

Mother cats usually want their kittens to obey their wishes, but several ignore them. Due to her exhaustion from taking care of a litter of kids for so long, she might not be able to push away the stubborn kids.

The Best Way to Feed Your Pet

When weaning, don’t hurry. The timeline belongs to the kitten, not to you. Test whether the kitten will accept a few bites of moist food from a finger, a spoon, or a tongue depressor.

Look for a way to access the food they’d like to eat in a dish if they’re interested. You should consider that many kittens may find it difficult to eat from a dish for the first few days since this is a new skill. There’s no rush!

If the kitten is at home, the mother should continue to feed him until they have eaten some solids (or he can continue feeding if he is fed supplemental food). Your kitten may not eat as much during this slow process, so additional feedings will ensure she gets the nutrition and calories she needs.

Unfortunately, in the early stages of a kitten’s life, you won’t be able to give them “tough love,” and you’ll still have to supplement their diet to keep them fit and healthy.

What Is the Purpose of Weaning a Kitten?

You must wean your kitten so it can live on its own. Mother’s milk will soon dry up, so it cannot rely on it for life. A kitten will also require more nutrition as its body grows. Therefore, a proper and timely weaning process is crucial. Weaning a kitten too early or too late will not benefit it and weaning a kitten too soon or too late will cause it to struggle.

Your cat should be eating from the bowl when it is three months old. After that, the kitten won’t have to feed herself from a bottle, saving you time and frustration. When the kitten reaches this stage, it should be independent of its mother. The kitten may need extra steps to coax it to eat wet food if it doesn’t eat anything except its mother’s milk.


It can take a lot of time and effort to wean a stubborn kitten. As long as you practice patience, you can benefit greatly from the steps I discussed above. Always be kind and patient with the kitten as it adjusts. The best method is to consult the vet if all else fails.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best way to tell if a kitten is weaned?

Weaning too soon might lead to these four problems for your new little family member.

Health problems. Providing essential nutrients and antibodies, mother’s milk is a vital source for kittens.

  • Acting aggressively.
  • Behavior is indicative of fear.
  • Fourth, a new environment is challenging to adapt to.

Why does my kitten attempt to nurse me?

Several factors can cause cats or kittens to suckle.

Getting separated from the mother too early is a cause of kitten suckling. However, the ASPCA states that kittens or cats suckling can also be a sign of stress, compulsive behavior, or simply a sign of contentment. The behavior is challenging to pinpoint.

What are the methods mom cats use to wean their kittens?

One month is usually the point when mother cats begin to wean their kittens off their milk. Dilute the liquid kitten food gradually until you can use canned kitten food or moistened kitten kibble. During the first four to six weeks of weaning, the kitten will consume an ever-decreasing amount of mother’s milk.

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