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My Cat Can’t Meow Just Squeaks

Just like humans, animals, too, have different personalities. But we as humans can understand each other’s personalities, but how can we understand the language of animals?

If you are a cat mother, you must be familiar with your cat’s different moods. Also, as a cat owner, you need to know that cats do not only produce a “meow” sound. However, “meow” is considered to be the typical cat sound. So, are you too worried about why my cat can’t meow just squeaks?

Let’s see in this article if this is something to be worried about.

My Cat Can’t Meow Just Squeaks

It’s natural for some cats to meow infrequently or not at all. This is most common among elderly cats. However, with time, their meowing may decrease or even fully stop.

You may also find it interesting to know that cats don’t generally meow at each other, but they meow at humans. But why they stop meowing at a certain stage is still unknown.

If you see your cat not meowing at you right from their birth, then you may consider the following few reasons.

1 Disorder By Birth

The vocal cord is responsible for producing sounds in humans as well as in animals. If your cat’s vocal cord is defected by birth, they might face difficulties producing normal cat sounds like meow. A comprehensive examination can only confirm this congenital anomaly by a skilled veterinarian.

This disorder is equivalent to deafness or blindness in humans. However, it cannot be cured easily as it is primarily a genetic disorder.

2 Improper Growth

Partially developed vocal cords can also lead to soundlessness in cats. This is not genetic and can be caused due to accidents.

For instance, while your cat was developing from a kitten to a cat, someone might press their neck forcefully while holding them. This can lead to breakage of the vocal cords and its defect.

3 Diseases or Infection

Any infection in the throat of your cat can restrict her from producing difficult sounds like meow. In this situation, the only sound they will be able to make is a squeak. Thus, squeak sounds can be an indication that your cat is not well. In addition, there can be diseases like UPI, tumors, laryngeal paralysis, and hyperthyroidism.

4 Injury 

If your cat has got injured near their throat or vocal cord, they may not be able to produce sounds like meow. At this time, they might squeak. Do not force them in this condition and give them enough time to rest.

5 Weakness or Hunger

Physically exhausted and weak cats can also squeak instead of meowing. However, this is for the short term. Once you feed them and communicate with them, their meowing sound must recover.

6 Feral Cats

Animals will do what they are familiar with. So, if you recently have bought a cat and are concerned about their squeaking voice, then you do not need to worry. They will need some time to adapt to the surroundings, and gradually they will learn the petted language.

Can A Kitten’s Squeak Turn Into A Real Meow?

Kittens are newborn, and thus, their body is not in a fully developed state. They try to imitate their mother every day. And this is where they learn to meow.

But since their vocal cords are not yet developed, they may not produce a clear meow sound. So at this time, you may only hear their squeaking sound. This is nothing to get concerned about.

The kitten will take a year or two to catch the perfect sound of meow when you notice a high-pitched “meow” sound, which would mean that your kitten has grown up into an adult cat. Some kittens may take lesser time than others.

If this is the reason why your kitten is squeaking, then sit back and wait. There is no need to worry.


All you need to do is get your cat diagnosed and know why they are squeaking if it sounds strange to you.

In general, cats, like human beings, crave encouragement and affection from time to time. So if you see your cat is sitting quietly, then choose not to disturb her. Cats love their privacy, and you should love the way they are.

Now that you know why my cat can’t meow, just squeaks, do not force them to do anything. Moreover, you must be thankful for your cat’s behavior, and many are pissed with their pet’s extra talkative behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Cat Walk Around The House Meowing?

This can be due to illness. As they feel sick, they roam around the house and try to express themselves by meowing. Then, they walk around the house to find a comfortable space for them as the illness makes them quite uncomfortable.

How Do I Get My Cat To Be Quiet At Night?

The simplest way is not to let them sleep in the daytime. Instead, engage them in activities and playful toys and food during the day to not get time to sleep. Do not entertain their night cravings, or they will be habituated to it.

Should I Be Worried If My Cat Can’t Meow?

There is nothing to worry about if your cat can’t meow at all. However, they might have a different personality from the other cats.

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