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What Can Cats Drink?

People drink a lot of beverages. Some to relieve the stress, and some to enjoy the weather. But, as a cat parent, you might want to know – what can a cat drink? Unfortunately, there are only a few healthy drinks for your cat, water being the best out of them.

So, if you want to know about those healthy drinks, keep reading.

What Can Cats Drink?

Before telling you what a cat can drink, you need to know that cats are carnivores. Therefore, the drinks that match the carnivorous nature are much more beneficial than any other drink.

Cats don’t usually desire different beverages as we do, and they are pretty content with water alone. But if you want to give your cat a new drink, research which drinks are safe, and which are harmful to cats.

Cats are also lactose intolerant. They have less lactase secretion. So, the safe seeming milk can cause digestion problems to your cat. Instead, it is better to give goat’s milk or mother’s milk (only for kittens, though).

Apart from this, carbonated drinks, alcoholic drinks, tea, sugary juices, energy drinks, and coffee are also a big no for cats. They all contain ingredients that are harmful to cats. Ingesting them can cause adverse health problems for your cat.

So, what can a cat drink? Bone broth, goat’s milk, tuna juice, mother’s milk, and kitten formula milk are the drinks you can give your cat. However, you shouldn’t add these to the cat’s routine. If consumed regularly, they can be harmful.

Read further to know more about these drinks.

Bone Broth

This is the best drink you can give to your cat instead of water. Bone broth is made with the bones and connective tissues of an animal. They are simmered in water, along with some other nutritious ingredients, and served hot.

Bone broth is healthy for cats in terms of digestion, joints, and liver. In addition, it can heal and strengthen the intestine of your cat. Drinking bone broth occasionally can result in healthier skin and smooth hair as well.

Bone broth can be made from the items left after dinner. You just need the inedible parts, such as bones, and gristles, to make bone broth for your cat. Thus, an easy and nutritious drink.

Goat’s Milk

Don’t give your cat the milk that you drink regularly. Cow milk contains complex lactose and fat that cats can’t digest. This is because they have less amount of lactase enzyme in their body. Lactase helps in digesting lactose, which is abundant in dairy products.

However, goat milk is an alternative option. Goat’s milk contains simple fat compounds that are easy to digest for a lactose-intolerant animal.

Some companies sell goat milk in packed containers for anyone who desires it. In addition, there are milk products that have been made specifically for cats. You’ll find these products in retail stores, supermarkets, and online stores easily.

Tuna Juice

A cat loves fish, and tuna is its favorite. The juice present in a tuna can is beneficial for cats. However, not all types of tuna are safe for cats.

You have to see if they can contain oil or water. Ingesting a large amount of oil could lead to stomach aches. So, tuna water is a better option for your cat. Additionally, you also have to check if the salt is within your cat’s dietary requirements. So, check the ingredients and buy the can having water and low sodium.


I hope you now know the answer to what can cats drink. Experts recommend giving water only, as it is the best habit your cat can get. But if you want to give a new treat, try out the bone broth, tuna water, or goat’s milk.

However, don’t include these drinks in your cat’s diet plan. Offering them once in a while is sufficient. You should encourage the cat to drink more water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Cat Drink Milk?

Contrary to popular belief, milk is not a safe drink for your cat. Cats are lactose intolerant, meaning they can’t digest dairy products due to their lactose. Moreover, milk isn’t nutritious enough for cats.

So, your cat shouldn’t drink milk. However, goat’s milk could be an option here as it contains less lactose.

What Can Cats Drink and Eat?

This article dealt with what cats can drink. As for eating, cats have a special diet plan as they can’t eat every human food. Some human food might cause digestive issues, while some may be toxic. A few items of food to avoid are raisins, chocolate, onion, garlic, coffee, bread dough, nuts, avocado, and dairy.

Is It OK to Give Cats Tuna?

You can give tuna to cats in small quantities only. Constant tuna consumption can lead to malnutrition as it doesn’t contain proper nutrients for cats. Excess tuna can also cause mercury poisoning. Hence, an occasional tuna treat is safe for your cat.

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