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What Does It Mean When Your Cat Headbutt You?

What Does It Mean When Your Cat Headbutt You?

If humans have cheek-to-cheek greetings when attending a party with friends or any social gathering, a cat has their greetings too. Our feline friends customarily express their tenderness mostly to the one who takes care of and feeds them.

Yes, there is a cat-to-cat headbutt but it’s rarely been seeing them headbutting. Unless you have plenty of cats in the house, you can often see them head-bunting when they are close to each other or during their playing time.

Frequently, the cat-to-human headbutt is usually observed when the pet owner sits down in front of the TV screen watching movies or sitting in any space in the house and the cat sits down in front of the owner starting to express their affection to the people they have been surrounding.

Have you experienced a headbutt of a cat? What time in the day do your cats would normally head bunting you? Is it in the morning, afternoon, or evening? My question is what does this mean? Let’s find out the exact answer to this article.

What Does It Mean When Your Cat Headbutt You?

The secret meaning why most cats show their action through headbutting is to let you know that they are showing their warmth or tenderness towards you. To make it short, it is an indication of their affection for you who have been there for them anytime.

When both cats are domestic or fed with commercial food and the free cats such as lions meet together, they will massage each other faces and vice versa and do their headbutt too with other cats knowing each other pretty well.

What is a Cat Headbutt?

The real meaning of the cat headbutt is a way of expressing their affection to the family they’ve belonged to. When you say headbutt of a kitty, it is not that head of a certain cat towards another butt of a cat. It is the touching of the cat’s head adjacent to you.

Maybe in your forehead, a part of your body like your abdomen, and to your sides or in parts of your legs usually the cat’s headbutt to humans. Your kitties will headbutt also the objects such as furniture or any solid objects inside the house.

The Morning Headbutts of Your Cat

Why do cats regularly bunt you in the morning? What does this imply to the pet owners? Could you give me some clues? If you are a keen observer pet cat owner even though you would not research it online, you will know what it means.

Our feline friends have many body movements and have their meanings. Head bunting is one of the cat’s activities that simply means catching the owner’s attention. Your cat will do his best moves for you to notice him. In general, headbutting is one of the cat’s behaviors which means your cat is searching for attention.

You can witness the cutest action of your cat. Now, you offer you can offer something to your cat, either food, a cuddle, or a play. The headbutt of a cat signifies the best inquisitive structure of the tenderness of your cat approaching you.

Cat to cat Headbutting

When did you notice that a cat doing head bunting to another cat in your own home? Did you see them head-bunting more often or sometimes? If you have frequently seen humans doing cheek-to-cheek acknowledgment, cats are doing the same too. Usually, kitties will be expressed by touching one another using their heads.

The exact answer if there is a cat-to-cat headbutting is clearly YES! It’s their way of bonding, profound assurance with each other. Do you think only in humans, domestic cats have their greetings? The wild cats have their head bunting too. It is spontaneously done over thousands of developments.

Few Cats do Head Bunting While Other Cats Don’t

As I have discussed earlier in this article cat headbutting is one of the ways cats seek- attention from the people they’ve to belong or they have. Just remember, our feline friends are the same as humans, the cat has different attitudes and performances. There are many moves your cat possesses. However, they are not equal in expressing their thoughts to the pet owner. They are also born unique.

If your cat doesn’t like headbunting and just wants to stay on the other side and silently sits down, you don’t have to worry maybe he is tired or old enough to do the headbutting. Maybe someday he will show what he got. As we already know, there are many techniques that your cat shows his emotions.

The Difference Between Head Bunting to Head Pressing

Head bunting is different from the head pressing of the cat. However, it looks the same when your kitty executes the headbutt and head pressing. When you say head pressing your kitty silently goes to some parts of the living room and finds an object and then starts to press his head to couches or any furniture inside the house continuously.

Plus, if your cat has irregular articulation behavior such as circumnavigating or you notice a sign of bewilderment, all these manifestations are the symptoms of audiovisual confusion to your feline. Seeing your feline-like indicates that something’s going wrong with your cats. Better go to the veterinarian for general checkups. Head pressing is an indication that your cat has the troubles of his brain.

Final Thought

What Does It Mean When Your Cat Headbutt You? If you have domestic cats and you are the one who took care of them from the very start. You are familiarizing every action they speak or act. That’s how you love and like your feline friends. Headbutting or head bunting is one of the reactions of most cats that usually they do to you. And you know what it means when your kitty starts making the cutest moves just to impress you.

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