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Why Do Cats Cry Like Babies?

Why do cats cry like babies?  Cats are notorious for their odd behavior, and if they don’t get enough attention from their owners, they will resort to devious means.

For example, they may begin to wail like babies in order for the owner to pay attention to them and care for them, or if they are hungry. Being alone, lonely, bored, anxious, stressed, or suffering from an ailment are all reasons for cats to cry.

Why Do Cats Cry Like Babies? 

Every cat owner must be asking himself this question: why do cats start crying like babies? Because cats, in general, are happy and friendly animals who often race to the door to greet their owners or meow or purr when they are cuddled, it is difficult to imagine that they cry.

Cats, on the other hand, do occasionally cry or sound like infants when they cry. Those who have a cat for the first time are perplexed as to what steps they should take to stop it all.

Whether the cats are indoors or outdoors, whether they have been house-trained or are feral or stray cats, they all can cry. They all emit that strange sound that sounds eerily similar to an actual baby sobbing at the same time. But, of course, this sound could simply be the owner’s helplessness and sadness, and the experience is unsettling.

In the end, you will feel helpless and unhappy for them, and the entire experience will be disheartening. As a result, it is critical to comprehend everything about cats crying or the things they may be attempting to depict.

What Is It Called When A Cat Cries?

When cats cry, it is more than a meow, but it is not a howl. It is essentially a distinct type of yowl that does not have a proper name. As a result, whenever a cat exhibits signs of caterwaul, every cat owner has an idea, and there are reasons to differentiate it.

This sound is high-pitched, honed, and completely emotional, and it is neither normal nor similar to any other cat’s sound. Cats, in general, are cunning animals with unusual personalities. As a result, any sound a cat makes can have multiple meanings buried within it. 

Why Do Cats Cry at Night?

Cats yowl more frequently in the middle of the night, but no one would agree that cats make these sounds during the day. Cats’ cries of sadness and despair are typically reserved for the late-night hours, which can be quite disruptive to their owners’ sleep cycles.

But the reason isn’t that the cats don’t want their owners to sleep peacefully; cats aren’t that resentful. Cats are nighttime creatures, implying that their energy levels are at their peak during this time.

Furthermore, cats are so preoccupied with daytime naps that they barely have time to think about yowling. Therefore, another interpretation is that they are lonelier at night, and isolation is a major cause of their howling.

Do Cats Cry When Bored?

Another reason the cats may begin to cry like babies is that they are bored and require attention. Cats are far too inquisitive and energetic to play and run around the house or garden. As a result, when the cat is left alone in the house, they are lonely.

Furthermore, because cats are more active and playful at night, they prefer amusement, laughter, and joy. As a result, whenever the cats cry, they want to play with their owner.

Unfortunately, nighttime is the best time for humans to sleep, so the best thing that owners can do for their cats at night is to get them toys like the Purrfect Feline Titan’s Tower that will keep them entertained throughout the night.


Many people wonder why cats cry like babies; one reason is that they want to be noticed by their owners. Another possibility is that they are lonely, sad, hungry, or anxious. In addition, cats may cry when they are in heat (ready to be fertile) and sing to attract other mates. Unfortunately, there may be some severe signs of illness or lethargy, necessitating a visit to a veterinarian.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a Cat’s Crying Considered Harmful?

According to some superstitions, if a cat cries outside the house of a sick person, it means that they will die soon. This explains the origin of this superstition, as cats have always been associated with evil spirits. As a result, people believe that something terrible will happen if cats cry near their homes or that someone’s death is imminent.

What Might Be the Reason for Stray Cats Crying Like A Baby at Night? 

A female cat may start crying at night because she is ready for fertilization and to attract a mate. This type of sound is a long howl or groaning sound that sounds very similar to a human baby’s cry.

What Should the Owner Do When the Cats Start to Cry? 

Cats usually have a plan in place to get the attention of their owners. They are in desperate need of food, love, and attention! Cats may begin to snuggle more frequently with their owners, or they may simply begin to give head bumps and purrs. The best weapon they prefer is to stare up at their owner until they melt.

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