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Why Is My Cat Yowling? Cat Yowling at Night

Why do cats yowl? The reasons keep on changing as they grow from kittens to old cats. The meowing sound can be disgusting, especially at night.

So, why is my cat yowling and meowing at night? Well, before we get started, you should note that kittens yowl at their mother when hungry, scared, or stressed.

In this text, Kelvine Bruce DVM will walk you through some of the reasons why cats meow and yowl, especially at night.

Also, you will discover some ways how to stop your cat from yowling and when to be worried about the excessive sounds at night.

Why Does My Cat Yowl at Night?

Vocalization is one of the common ways cats use to communicate with their owners, but it can be irritating, especially at night.

Here are some of the common reasons why cats meow and yowl at night:

An Indication of Hungry

Many cats yowl when they are hungry. If you happen to refill the bowl with enough food, then be sure the meowing will disappear.

However, if your feline friend keeps on yowling despite having adequate food in the bowl, then there could be something else.

Seek Attention

Cats are funny creatures, and they love to seek a lot of attention from their owners. This behavior is much more typical when you’ve been away or haven’t cuddled them for a while.

Therefore, it is recommended to ramp up the cat and try to see if the meowing behavior will cease. If it persists, then there could be another worrying problem that needs more attention.

Bored Cat

On most occasion, cat loves being alone, and some of them tend to sleep a lot on the sofa. However, sometimes, they require some enrichment in their lives.

Yowling at night could be a sign of frustration and boredom. It is advisable to provide cat toys for indoor felines for entertainment purposes.

Hormonal Issues

According to vet research, cats tend to make a lot of noise during the breeding season, and if your cat isn’t spayed, then it could be being on heat triggering the meowing sounds at night.

We recommend talking to your vet about spaying the cat and seeing if the behavior of yowling will cease in the long run.

A Sign of Pain

Cats tend to be robust creatures since they hide most of their pains and struggles. If she starts yowling a night, then it could be due to illness or something hurting her.

We advise the owners to take her to the vet for a thorough examination before ruling out any underlying medical cause.

Cognitive Dysfunction

If you have an old cat, then Cat Dementia could be the reason behind yowling at night. The problem has no specific treatment even after diagnosis from a professional vet.

It is advisable to try feeding your feline friends digestible food at night before going to bed so that they do not feel hungry at night.

Behavioral Issues

Kittens tend to have some behavioral issues like yowling and meowing at night. Always examine the feline before making any conclusion.

If there is nothing medically abnormal, then consider the issue to be something relating to a behavioral problem.

Sign of Sickness

Meowing and yowling can be too dangerous. Therefore, never should you ignore such instances instead take her for a thorough examination by a vet.

Some diseases can make your cat feel thirsty, hungry, in pain, and many other things that trigger her to meow at night.

When Should I Be Worried?

If you own a cat that keeps on meowing or yowling much at night then seek immediate medical help from a professional vet.

The veterinarian will examine the cat and even conduct a scan to identify the underlying cause behind the issue.

However, several things can make your cat meow a lot at night, such as hunger, thirst, and pain among many others.

If your cat has the behavior of meowing for food, then consider consulting your vet for a checkup.

You should also note that as cats get old, they become highly susceptible to thyroid disease and kidney failure. These two diseases make your feline yowl a lot at night.

How to Stop a Cat from Yowling

Before you think of ways to curb yowling or meowing cats at night, first think about the cause.

Determining the cause will help you know how to stop them from meowing excessively at night or during the day.

Here are some tips on how to curb excessive cat meowing and yowling:

Provide Adequate Essentials

Hunger and thirst are some of the everyday things that make your cat yowl in the middle of the night.

Therefore, before going to bed, ensure their bowls are full so that they can feed or drink when they want at night instead of meowing.

Scoop the Litter Box

Cats are the cleanest creatures on earth and if the litter box is dirty then expect them to make noise even in the middle of the night.

Always remember to scoop the litter box before going to bed then add some fresh and clean litter box. The routine will help to curb excessive yowling at night.

Give them Plenty of Playing Time

Cats are skittish, and they love playing. Many cat owners go to work and leave their pets behind. When they come back after work, they tend to ignore their friend and go to sleep.

What next do you expect from a cat? Noise at night. Therefore, take time to play with your feline and show affection when you arrive from work.

Provide Adequate Light to Senior Cats

Old cats have problems with vision at night, and this could be the possible reason behind yowling as well as meowing.

Always provide sufficient lights to the room or house when you own an old feline friend. This will help in their vision and the long run, reduce excessive noise at night.

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