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Calm Music for Cats

Music is one of the best therapies that help us calm down amidst troubled emotions and heartaches. Did you ever find yourself relaxing with a piece of soothing music after a long day of work? Did you know that cats also enjoy music? Calm music for cats can help ease their anxiety. Yes, you heard it right calm music for cats, and yes they have their own specific music.

Cats are known to be good house buddies, but there are still times that they feel anxious and stressed out. Then the role of music is to help them calm down, not by your human favorite music, but by calm music for cats.

Music for cats

Way back in 2015 some music scientists from the University of Wisconsin and the University of Maryland collaborated and composed a piece of “cat-centric music”. According to their study cats love music but they think that human taste for music is not good for the ear.

The research looked at the natural vocalizations of cats which is about an octave or much higher than the human voices. The music is then arranged according to the same frequency range that cats have.

The researchers mentioned that cats use lots of sliding frequencies when they’re calling. They replicated this by having more sliding notes than human music.

Our music’s drumbeat usually mimics our heartbeat, otherwise, with cats’ music, they have replicated it with the tempo that cats enjoy such as the chirp of birds, purring, and suckling.

The Music Study for Cats

The research was conducted on 47 domestic cats. They subjected them to listen to complete silence, classical human music, and cat-centric music. The silence didn’t do anything with the cats’ behavior. Then classical human music didn’t do anything either.

When the cat-centric music was played the cats became excited and approached the speakers and started to rub it with their scent glands, obviously trying to claim it was theirs.

With this study, they confirmed that music can help stimulate the cats’ environment and can promote relaxation for stressed and anxious cats.

Types of Cat-Centric Music

If you think that there’s only one type of music. Well, there are 2 types of cat-centric music both of which are beneficial for your cat.

  • Calming Music – this music is best to use when your cat is anxious, scared, stressed, and nervous.
  • Enriching music – this music is said to be wonderful to use for indoor cats. It helps in stimulating their brain waves. your cuddly feline according to its mood.

Benefits of cat-centric music

The study for cat-centric music study unlocked doors of lifelong benefits that affect the mental health of cats and their current medical state. It is also said that this is opening doors for beneficial music for other animal species too. Below are just some of the benefits that music gives to your cat:

Relieve anxiety and stress

  • From the study anxious cats that listen to cat-centric music. Help cats recover from their medical condition
  • Other studies, it is found that cat-centric music relieves cats with chronic illnesses.
  • It helps cats to develop confidence with their new parents. Feral cats that experienced neglect and abuse from their previous owners, slowly regain confidence and trust in their new cat parents.

Calm Music for Cats Playlist

Cats can feel anxious anytime especially when you’re with other people in the house. It can be hard for them to adjust from one person to another. Calming music is the best music that you can have your cat listen and the popular name for such is David Teie.

David Teie is a cellist and academic who made a name for his study and music composition for cats.

Of course, we love you and your cat so here are some of the lists of calm music you may play for your fur baby:

From David’s Album One. The following calm music for the cats can be found:

  • Lolo’s air
  • Katey Moss Catwalk
  • Tigerlili and Mimi’s Musical
  • Scooter Bere’s Aria
  • Simon Says

From David’s Album Two. The following music for cats can be found:

  • Musica para Ojos
  • For I Will Consider My Cat Jeoffry 1
  • Opus for Oliver
  • Fostog’s Touch 1
  • Penelope’s Nocturne
  • Luna and June’s Purrfect Harmony 2
  • Maurice’s Melody 1
  • Potato’s Song 1

There is some calming music that you can have your cat listen to from YouTube. These channels are:

  • Relax My Cat

Dedicated music and TV channels for cats and kittens who are experiencing separation anxiety, trouble sleeping, loneliness, boredom, and depression.

  • Pet Tunes

They do research-based lullaby melodies that are mixed with classical music that helps relax your cat.

  • Calm your cat

They create calm and soothing music for your cat that may help in relieving anxiety, stress, and depression. They also have calming music for your pregnant cat, illness, and post-surgery recovery cats.

The composer and these platforms that offer cat-centric music relate together the sounds and environment that our cats are accustomed to and transform them into this beautiful music. Music that the cats are familiar with creates a nostalgic and more relaxing mood for our cats.

Now you know that there calm music for cats, next time you bring your kitty to visit the vet, play one on your way to the vet. Help your cat feel calm and relaxed with this lovely music. This invention is something that all of us must be thankful for.

Think of those cats living in a shelter home, they are missing a trusted caress from their humans, they are looking for the love that will make them feel at home. They can be lonely where they are, and if calming music for cats can help them, this at least makes them feel calm and safe.

Have you tried to make your cat listen to music? How did he react? Did you make him happy and exuberant? Did it make him calm and surrender for the minute? Share your experience below.

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