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Can Cats Eat Almonds? (Must Read)

Many cat owners tend to share everything with their feline friends from bed to food and occasional treats. Almonds have great health benefits to humans but are they ok with our furry friends as well? Can cats eat almonds?

Many cat parents tend to believe that everything that is healthy for humans is also healthy for their pets.

But this does not apply since cats have a different digestive system. Therefore, whatever works for humans may not work for our feline friends.

Feeding your cat with almonds is quite risky and it can even cause death. In this article, Kelvine Bruce DVM has quality information about cats and almonds. Take your time to read through for proper insight.

Are Almonds Poisonous to Cats?

Fruits and vegetables are the first two kings of micronutrients. Nuts happen to be the healthiest food that many humans incorporate into their diet.

Almond is the most popular nuts which are quite delicious and healthy. Many people love to eat almonds when they are roasted, and salted, in salads and smoothies.

Many cat owners tend to be in love with their little furry friends. They tend to feed the four-legged friend with everything they eat.

Unfortunately, most of them have learned the hardest way since the report shows that they lost their cat at long last.

We always advise our readers to consult their pet nutritionists before feeding their cat with any type of human food.

Feeding your cat with almonds is quite forbidden since it has some health risks associated with it.

You need to treat almonds with caution when you own a feline. In case the cat swallows two or three nuts then there is no need to worry.

However, in case he or she eats more than that contact your veterinarian immediately. The cat will be under intensive care so that the behavioral change can carefully be monitored.

Is Almond Milk Safe For Cats?

Cats tend to love milk a lot and whenever the owner is feeding on cereals, they will come running to the dining table.

However, if you have switched to almond milk then you should not be worried since the milk is quite safe for your feline friend.

According to research, almond milk does not contain lactose which tends to cause allergy in many cats.

The most wonderful thing about almond milk is that the label does not contain ingredients labeled toxic to cats.

The little furry friends tend to love the taste of almond milk and this is a perfect healthy treat for your cat. So, can cats eat almonds? I say NO. This is because almonds are nuts and they are not fit for a cat’s digestive system.

However, you should feed almond milk to cats in moderation. If you are switching from dairy milk to almond milk then try to do it gradually as you monitor the reaction to your cat.

How Many Almonds Can Be Given to a Cat?

Cat parents should never feed their little furry friend with almonds since the nuts contain cyanogenic glycosides.

These substances tend to be harmful to the cat especially if he or she eats a good number of almond nuts.

Stomach upset, pupil dilation, and hyperventilation are some of the common symptoms associated with cyanide poisoning. Sometimes, the cat can get into shock and die.

However, we recommend you feed your cat with almond milk but not too much. If your feline friend does not show any sign of poisoning then you can give her more almond milk.

Health Risks A Cat Can Derive from Almonds

Almond nuts are quite healthy for humans and they tend to be awesome snacks. Unfortunately, they are not ideal for sharing with your feline friend.

These nuts can pose a significant health risk to your furry friend. Some of these risks include:

Stomach Upset

The nuts contain lots of fat content. When your cat consumes them in large or small quantities it can result in stomach upset.

You will notice your feline vomiting or having a loose bowel movement. High levels of nut intake in the cat can also lead to the development of pancreatitis.

Feel free to read one of my articles about why my cat is throwing up and learn ways to control cat vomiting issues.

Salt Toppings on Nuts

Almond nuts are usually salted to appeal to humans but the salt and other toppings can have a negative impact on your cat.

Feeding your cat with almonds that are salted can result in sodium ion toxicosis. This condition occurs when your cat consumes lots of salt. The condition can be fatal in case it remains untreated.

Cyanogenic Glycosides

Almonds tend to contain cyanogenic glycosides as natural ingredients but these ingredients tend to be toxic to felines.

Consumption of a high level of these ingredients can result in cyanide poisoning which can cause pupil dilation, stomach upset, and hyperventilation.

Final Verdict

Can cats eat almonds? Of course yes but in moderation, since there are a lot of health risks associated with these nuts.

With all that. I would prefer to stay away from these nuts for the safety of my feline friend. This is because things might fall out of hand and end up ruining the health of the little furry friend.

Feeding your cat a small number of nuts will make them develop interest and end up loving them. It will force her or him to start consuming in large quantities.

The best policy is to never feed your cat with almond nuts since it might end up causing fatal health problems.

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