Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Category: Cat Care Tips

How to Get Rid Of Tapeworms in Cats

Are there ways to get rid of tapeworms in cats? Absolutely yes. According to research, indoor cats can get tapeworms at some time in their lives. Are tapeworms contagious? One question that normally...

Skin Conditions for Cats

Many owners’ number one problem is skin disease in their cats. Personally, this kind of problem is something that hunts you in the evening, especially seeing your cat endlessly scratches its skin. The...

Pregnant Cat Care Tips

Is your cat pregnant? First, before we get started, we recommend cat parents to spay and neuter their furry friends to prevent overpopulation as well as other health-related issues. If you happen to...

Why Is My Cat Throwing Up?

Why is my cat throwing up? Well, this is a familiar cry from many cat owners. Kelvin Bruce DVM will walk you through some possible causes, treatments, and hacks on how to...
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