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How to Get Rid Of Tapeworms in Cats

Are there ways to get rid of tapeworms in cats? Absolutely yes. According to research, indoor cats can get tapeworms at some time in their lives.

Are tapeworms contagious? One question that normally tosses the mind of many pet parents. However, the most important question is how to deal with tapeworms in cats.

The good news is that cat tapeworms are treatable with oral medications and sometimes by the use of natural remedies.

In this guide, I will walk you through various ways to treat tapeworms in cats and the behavioral changes of untreated tapeworms in cats.

Let’s find out.

Can Tapeworms Kill A Cat?

Well, tapeworms are minor parasites in cats and according to veterinarian reports, these parasites cannot kill a feline.

The parasite can easily be treated and they do not pose any threat to your feline if they are left untreated for a long period.

However, if your feline is heavily infested with tapeworms then she is likely to experience weight loss since all the nutrients are taken by these parasites.

Sometimes, the tapeworms can find their way to the cat’s mouth and this is probably the reason why some felines tend to vomit live worms.

We recommend you consult your vet about the best period to deworm your feline friend every year. This will help to enhance their well-being.

How Do Indoor Cats Get Tapeworms?

Indoor cats tend to get tapeworms through the ingestion of larvae. Tapeworms tend to lay eggs which are transported by adult fleas.

When the cats eat the fleas they probably ingest the eggs that later develop into tapeworms after some time.

Also, if the feline eats raw meat of rodents, birds, and rabbits then they can also acquire tapeworms. This is the reason why it is not recommended to provide raw meat to your feline friend.

Besides that, scavenging is another possible way an indoor feline cat acquires tapeworms. The best thing is to restrict the outdoor activities of your feline.

How Long Does It Take To Kill Tapeworms In Cats?

The time it takes to get rid of the tapeworms in the stomach of the cats depends on the type of medication.

Most over-the-counter deworming medicines normally kill the tapeworms within 24 hours after being given.

You should also remember to administer another dose within 3-4 weeks so that the remaining tapeworms are killed.

Larvae-stage tapeworms tend to take longer to be killed when compared to adult tapeworms. This is the reason why the second dose is quite important.

How to Get Rid Of Tapeworms In Cats Naturally

Commercial tapeworm medications are quite expensive and sometimes tend to interfere with the digestive system of the feline.

The home remedies have been proven to be a great alternative and this is the reason why many cat owners are opting for the medication.

Here are some of the proven home remedies for getting rid of tapeworms in felines without causing any negative side effects. They include:

Pumpkin Seeds

The seeds are known to be anti-parasites and loaded with many nutrients ideal for the furball. Research shows that the seeds can kill both larvae and adult tapeworms, unlike over-the-counter medication.

You will be required to crush a spoonful of pumpkin seeds and mix them with any cat food. Feed your feline friend for about three weeks continuously.

Parsley Water

According to veterinarian research, parsley water is full of antioxidants and ant-parasite properties that help to kill tapeworms.

You will be expected to brew homemade tea from the herb leaves and pour it into the water bowl of the cat. Ensure the parsley water is cold to prevent burning your feline.

Ensure your furball takes about a spoonful continuously for the next ten days. The water is gentle to the digestive system of the feline and it is also loaded with numerous nutrients.

Reduce Cat Exposure to Critters

This is normally the best measure to consider once you have treated your feline friend from tapeworms. It is known as a preventive measure to adopt.

What Is The Best Tapeworm Medicine For Cats?

Cat tapeworms are quite easy to treat once it has been proven that your feline friend is infested. We recommend you consult your vet about the best medication rather than buying over the counter.

Here are some of the proven best dewormers for cats in the market right now. Find out which one will suit your feline:

Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer

Bayer is a reputable company when it comes to the healthcare of pets. The dewormer is proven to be effective in getting rid of both larvae and adult tapeworms.

The tablets can be crushed into powdered form and then mixed with the best cat food or treat. It is regarded as ideal for cats with six weeks and above.

The good news is that medication normally comes with a prescription hence no need to get worried about it.

Vital Planet – Digest Cat

This is a dewormer that is suitable for cats and kittens. It comes in different formulas that not only get rid of tapeworms but also other parasites like roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms.

The tablet tends to be small and it can easily be ground into a powder. The resulting powder can be mixed into the cat food without affecting the taste.

The medication is highly recommended by vets since it is safe and reliable when it comes to dealing with tapeworms.

8 In 1 Dewormer for Cats

The cat dewormer is made from natural ingredients and this implies that it does not result in negative side effects after applying to your feline friend.

The price of the dewormer is relatively low and it is proven to be effective when it comes to dealing with tapeworms as well as hookworms.

According to vet research, medicine is proven to have the ability to kill both larvae and adult tapeworms hence no need for a second dosage.

Herbalpet Health Supplements

All-natural cat dewormer is hence safe and reliable for felines of any age or breed. Administering the pills is quite easy and simple since you will be required to grind the tablet and then mix it with cat food.

The medication helps to clean the intestines where the worms reside and ensure all of them are eliminated. The tablets tend to come with prescription details which are majorly based on the weight of the furball.

Wowpaw Dewormer for Cats

This is the most powerful and fast-acting medication when it comes to killing tapeworms in cats. The dewormer is made from natural ingredients hence it does not pose any side effects to the feline after application.

The dewormer is safe and effective for felines that are six months and older. Read the prescription on the package before administering it to the cat or kitten.

After one week, all the signs of parasite infestations are normally gone and this is the reason behind the popularity of the medication.

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