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Do Cats Eat Frogs?

As a cat owner, you might have come across your cat chasing a frog for fun. But do cats eat frogs? Let’s find out.

Do Cats Eat Frogs?

An exact answer to this is, yes, cats do eat frogs.

On a general note, frogs aren’t toxic to cats, but toads can poison them. If you’re curious how a frog and a toad vary, keep reading.

They certainly are different! Toads have dry skin on their backs, whereas frogs have slimy skin. Toads, like frogs, are poisonous only in rare situations.

Your cat may come into contact with a deadly toad if you live in Florida, Hawaii, or many locations of the Southwest United States. Because, if you live in one of these areas, you are aware of toxic toads in the locality.

Why Do Cats Enjoy Preying on Frogs? 

If you are wondering that why cats are interested in frogs, then here is your answer. If your cat goes outside to chase small prey, it is obvious that frogs aren’t safe from your cat.

Frogs may be near water, which may scare your cat away, but if they’re hopping in your backyard, your cat is probably close to snap one.

If you see, frogs aren’t that different from birds or mice. Though frogs are an entirely different species, they’re tiny and move swiftly, much like snakes do when they slither through the grass.

If you know about cats’ curiosity, you know that chasing a frog would stimulate your cat’s interest right away.

Since they hop here and there and produce noises, frogs are excellent “cat toys.” They’re quick and a little slick as well. Your cat could take a little time to capture a frog, but when they do, it’ll be a fantastic toy for them.

Can Licking a Frog Put My Cat In Danger?

More than poisoning or injuring your cat, licking a frog will creep you out a little bit. However, there is nothing as such to worry about. A simple swipe of the tongue over a frog will not harm your cat or the frog.

Your cat will undoubtedly lick some of the muck from the frog’s back. The worst that can happen is that you won’t be able to give your kitty kisses when you finally get them back inside because they licked a frog.

Are Green Frogs Dangerous for My Cats?

If your cat eats a frog, it will not suffer from severe consequences. However, it can vomit later. This isn’t because the frog is toxic; it’s just because it wasn’t the ideal snack option for your cat.

Frogs are difficult for cats to digest, and their intestines will reject them if they eat them. When this happens, be prepared to take your cat off their regular diet and make sure they have plenty of water.

Cats don’t do well with abrupt dietary changes, so lowering the danger of more vomiting is critical. Furthermore, if your cat is outside, they may have been grazing on grass. In most areas, frogs are not poisonous.

Just in case your cat captures a green frog and feeds it, don’t panic. It is because most of the frogs in non-tropical regions have the slightest chance of being poisonous.  However, the frog turns out to be toxic; you must keep a thorough check on your cat.

There is a high possibility that the cat’s body would try its best to push out the ingested frog via puking. Therefore be ready for the cleaning job.
One more thing, don’t feed it with anything for a while or unless the vet says so.


Do cats eat frogs? Well, it depends. If your cat is way curious, they may surely give it a try. But just in case your cat consumes a poisonous toad or frog, try to avoid further poison ingestion. Rinse your cat’s mouth with water for five to ten minutes after you’ve made the necessary calls.

Your cat may also require anesthesia administered by a veterinarian. If your cat has been poisoned, its temperature will immediately rise; to keep him stable, you may need to place him in a cold bath. In worst cases, its cardiac beats may become unsteady and require proper treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to Protect Your Cat from Frogs?

Firstly, relocate them. You might only have a frog or two if you have a little body of water near your home. You may quickly relocate them to a new location where they should be much pleased (and less likely to be eaten).

Is It Poisonous For Cats To Eat Green Tree Frogs?

Green tree are toxic but not that much to kill the cat. The toxins that the frog releases aren’t potent. Usually, these frogs only release such toxins when they sense danger or feel anxious. If your cat consumes one, it might get diarrhea in the worst cases.

Are Grey Tree Frogs Poisonous?

The Grey tree frog species generates a toxic skin fluid that can cause severe irritation to the eyes, lips, mucus lining of the nose, and open cuts and abrasions to your cat. Thus, after touching grey treefrogs, you should wash your cat’s paw immediately.

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