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Flat Faced Cat: 11 Popular Breeds

To some, the flat-faced cats are odd-looking, but to others, they’re endearing. Like them or not, brachycephalic cats (as they’re also called) are certainly intriguing. Their flat faces are caused by a distorted skull shape, which is shortened in length, ultimately giving the cat’s look that smushed appearance. This is what many cat lovers find so adorable and captivating about flat-faced cats.

If you’re thinking of adopting a flat-faced cat, make no mistake, these aren’t low-maintenance pets. They require the best cat food to maintain their health.

But if you have everything it takes to bring a flat-faced furbaby home, then your toughest decision might be picking which one!

Here are the 11 most popular flat-faced cat breeds that are just too cute for words.

1. The Persian

The Persian Cat

Height (Inches) 10-15
Weight (lbs) 7-12
Lifespan (Years) 12-16
Colors Various, including solid and patterns
Well-suited for Indoor living, quiet environments
Nature Calm, affectionate, long luxurious coat
Health Conditions Respiratory issues, dental problems
Grooming Habits Daily grooming for their long coat

People meet the Persians – one of the most popular breeds of all time! They are luxurious, long-haired cats characterized by their round flat faces and foreshortened muzzles.

In fact, the Persians have the flattest faces among all brachycephalic cats. They have a full chest, stocky, solid build, well-spaced legs, and a large head with wide-set eyes.

Truth is, the traditional or doll-faced Persian cats do have a muzzle. However, some breeders in the late 50s decided to make their muzzles shorter and shorter until they had high noses and flat faces. The Persians are cuddly and enjoy being stroked.

However, they can feel overwhelmed by loud noises, and thus might not get along well with young children.

2. The Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Short Hair Cat

Height (Inches) 8-10
Weight (lbs) 7-14
Lifespan (Years) 12-15
Colors Various, including solid and patterns
Well-suited for Indoor living, families
Nature Gentle, affectionate, laid-back
Health Conditions Respiratory issues, dental problems
Grooming Habits Regular brushing for their coat

If you love the button eyes and squishy nose of a Persian, but can’t deal with all the grooming, then the Exotic Shorthairs are precisely for you.

They’re actually a crossbreed of Persians and American Shorthairs, plus Burmese and also the Russian Blues. What a gorgeous mix!

They’re quite stocky but can be a little smaller than the Persians. While they’re as lovely and affectionate as their ancestors, these teddy bear-like cats are slightly more playful and cheeky.

3. The Chinchilla Longhair

The Chinchilla Longhair Cat

Height (Inches) 9-11
Weight (lbs) 8-12
Lifespan (Years) 12-15
Colors Silver and shaded colors
Well-suited for Calm households
Nature Elegant, sociable, intelligent
Health Conditions Kidney disease, eye conditions
Grooming Habits Regular grooming, especially coat

The Chinchilla Longhairs are likely the most beautiful flat-faced cats, emerged when the breeders attempted to have a silver Persian.

Their translucent white coats only carry black pigment at the tips.

They have round stocky bodies, short legs, bushy tails, and short muzzles, but their noses aren’t in any way as flat as the Persians.

One of their distinctive features is the gorgeous emerald eyes, rimmed with black that resembles a black eyeliner against their pure white furs.

4. The Himalayan

The Himalayan Cat

Height (Inches) 9-11
Weight (lbs) 7-14
Lifespan (Years) 9-15
Colors Color points on a lighter body
Well-suited for Quiet environments
Nature Affectionate, gentle, playful
Health Conditions Respiratory issues, dental problems
Grooming Habits Regular brushing and eye cleaning

A crossbreed of the Persian and the Siamese, the ‘Himmies’ share a similar flat-faced feature of a Persian while inheriting the beautiful fur shades from their Siamese relatives.

They’re sweet, affectionate, and somewhat docile but can be discriminating against strangers.

Having the neediness of a Siamese cat, the ‘Himmies’ are more energetic and quickly intrigued than the typical Persians.

Blessed with big hypnotic sapphire blue eyes and cute short noses, no wonder they’re among the most expensive flat-faced cat breeds.

5. The Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold Cat

Height (Inches) 8-10
Weight (lbs) 6-13
Lifespan (Years) 13-15
Colors Various, including solid and patterns
Well-suited for Families, singles
Nature Sweet, adaptable, folded ears
Health Conditions Joint issues, ear problems
Grooming Habits Regular grooming, especially ears

It’s definitely those huge eyes, plump little bodies, rounded paws, and the cutest droopy ears you’ve ever seen.

As one of the most docile cats towards humans, they’re friendly to anyone, even young children, and love to be picked up and cuddled.

The Scottish Folds are also so smart that they practically have facial expressions and mannerisms.

When not playing, they’ll hang around with the rest of the family to see what’s on the TV that evening.

6. The Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk Rex Cat

Height (Inches) 9-11
Weight (lbs) 6-16
Lifespan (Years) 10-15
Colors Various, including curly coat
Well-suited for Families, singles
Nature Easygoing, tolerant, curly coat
Health Conditions None specific
Grooming Habits Regular grooming for curly coat

What makes the flat-faced Selkirk Rex really stand out are their large eyes, protruding bat ears, and of course, their plush tousled coats.

They’re the cat in Mary’s little lamb clothing, even the whiskers have a bit of curl to them!

Despite these curls, they’re actually easy to care for and need only occasional brushing. The Selkirk Rex cats are amiable.

They crave for attention that they’d follow you around. While they’re not the most energetic cats, they can be quite playful with toys.

7. The British Shorthair

The British Shorthair Cat

Height (Inches) 12-14
Weight (lbs) 9-18
Lifespan (Years) 12-20
Colors Various, often solid colors
Well-suited for Families, indoor living
Nature Easygoing, dignified, dense coat
Health Conditions None specific
Grooming Habits Weekly brushing for their dense coat

Looking at those mesmerizing eyes, it’s no surprise that British Shorthairs are one of the most sought-after pets.Their thick insulated coats and pudgy features trap heat easily,  making for an excellent living heating pad.

They’re generally quiet but not reserved, and very well-behaved. The British Shorthairs appreciate calm and peaceful playtime.

While they can get along with anyone, be gentle when picking them up because they love staying close to the ground. In short, British Shorthairs prefer to live a healthy balanced life.

8. The Burmese

The Burmese Cat

Height (Inches) 8-10
Weight (lbs) 6-12
Lifespan (Years) 10-16
Colors Sable, champagne, blue, platinum
Well-suited for Families, singles
Nature Affectionate, social, sleek coat
Health Conditions Respiratory issues, dental problems
Grooming Habits Minimal grooming needs

Now come the Burmese cats. Although their features aren’t always as exaggerated as other flat-faced kitty cousins, they indeed belong to the crew.

While the Burmese cats appear to have a medium-sized frame, they can be pretty heavy when you pick them up.

Their bodies are stocky, compact, and muscular, most probably thanks to their passion for climbing and jumping around the house.

With such an adorable semi-smooshed face and big round golden eyes, it’s no wonder that the Burmese cats always seem so intrigued and expressive.

They love to look around from high vantage points. So one of their favorite places might turn out to be a window with a broad sweeping view.

They’re very fond of their humans, but it’s best to allow them time to get along with other cat breeds.

9. The Bombay

The Bombay Cat

Height (Inches) 8-11
Weight (lbs) 6-11
Lifespan (Years) 12-16
Colors Black
Well-suited for Singles, quiet homes
Nature Affectionate, playful, sleek coat
Health Conditions Respiratory issues, obesity
Grooming Habits Minimal grooming needs

The Bombays are another short-haired breed with a flat face. Truth is, they’re closely related to the Burmese.

They typically have an all-black, sleek, and glossy coat with black soles, black muzzles and lips, and copper or green eyes.

Although the Bombays have a medium-sized frame, they’re quite cuddly due to their prominent muscles. Despite all the myths, these ‘house panthers’ are very affectionate and adaptable.

In fact, they really enjoy being around people and can mingle well with dogs and children.

10.  The Burmilla

The Burmilla Cat

Height (Inches) 8-11
Weight (lbs) 6-12
Lifespan (Years) 10-15
Colors Silver shaded
Well-suited for Families, singles
Nature Sweet, social, semi-longhair coat
Health Conditions None specific
Grooming Habits Regular brushing for semi-longhair

If you prefer the slightly almond-shaped cat eyes to shoe button eyes, perhaps the Burmillas are the cats you’re looking for.

A cross between a Burmese and a Chinchilla, these cats always have a short muzzle, round face, and usually a medium-sized body but stocky and heavy.

Their eyes are typically green, but sometimes you might find them in yellow or blue.

The Burmillas are relatively calm, easy-going, and require minimal care. But they can be quite mischievous, most probably due to their Burmese side.

They’re energetic and slightly clumsy, so they’ll run into trouble pretty often. But they’re so affectionate and cuddly that you’d forgive them for anything.

11.  The Munchkin

he Munchkin Cat

Height (Inches) 6-8
Weight (lbs) 4-9
Lifespan (Years) 12-15
Colors Various, all patterns
Well-suited for Families, singles
Nature Playful, adaptable, short legs
Health Conditions None specific
Grooming Habits Regular grooming, especially coat

Finally, meet the adorable flat-faced, short-legged Munchkins! Don’t be deceived by these though, they can really pounce and dash in madness and ferocity.

While their contours are rounded, they do have high cheekbones.

The Munchkins are playful and cheerful, and these characters make them almost kitten their whole lives.

They can also be a bit like squirrels.  Occasionally they’ll sit up on their back legs, either when feeling observant or conspiring to hide shiny objects to play with later.

In fact, unlike others, these intelligent creatures love to play with puzzle toys and brain games.

Final Thoughts

Every companion pet needs routine health care, just like humans. Brachycephalic cats might need a little extra attention.

They’re susceptible to particular health issues, but don’t let that scare you. If you’re searching for a cat that is absolutely precious, affectionate, and playful, you can’t go wrong with these 11 most popular flat-faced kitties.

As mentioned earlier, your hardest decision is to pick which one. So, now that you’ve met them all, which breed do you have in mind?

Serina Russow
Serina Russow
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