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How to Tell If A Dog Is Aggressive Towards Cats?

How to Tell If A Dog Is Aggressive Towards Cats? If you are an animal lover, it is obvious that you dream of petting a dog and a cat. But is it that simple as it sounds? Of course, we all know the age-old rivalry among dogs and cats, but it’s just a myth.

Dogs and cats make a cute loveable companion. But this is not always the case. These all depend on the upbringing of your pets. You must notice your pet’s behavior for a week of their adoption to understand their behavior against other species. But, how do you tell if a dog is aggressive towards cats?

This article will guide you to understand your dog’s behavior towards your cat and how to deal with it.

How to Tell If a Dog Is Aggressive Towards Cats?

A dog and cat can coexist in a room. But still, you cannot always be sure that your dog is not aggressive toward cats. This is because most untrained dogs tend to behave unexpectedly towards animals of other species. It can also be because of their territorial behavior.

This can happen if you bring a new cat in front of them. But this does not signify their aggressive behavior. This is just a reflex action in animals. But there are surely some symptoms that can help to understand if your dog is aggressive towards cats. The following are a few symptoms.

  • Your dog might bark at the door if they smell like a cat on the other side.
  • The dog that is aggressive towards cats also tends to block other dog’s way.
  • The dog can get aggressive when they try to secure their food or comfort zone.
  • He can stare very strangely.
  • The dog will stand straight and stiff. They can get stressed even due to a minute stimulus.
  • He tends to bark at strangers and other’s pets.
  • He can also chase dogs or other animals.
  • He can involve in biting humans and other pets.

The above symptoms generally indicate that your dog is mentally unstable and needs proper training and affection. However, you can also take care of it with some training and love. All you need is patience.

How To Train Your Dog To Not Behave Aggressively?

Even though you do not have a hundred percent control over your dog, you can still at least follow a few steps to prevent your dog from behaving aggressively with cats.

1. Proper Introductions

While you take your dog to a friend’s place who has a cat, do not set them free at their first meeting. Instead, keep them at a distance and let them be familiar with each other before touching.

2. Use Proper Commands

Your dog becomes what you teach them. So right from the beginning, teach them good commands like, “No,” “Leave it,” “stop it,” etc. This will help them to understand what their master wants.

3. Pay Rewards

Try to give them a treat every time they behave nicely around a cat. This way, they will know what is beneficial for them and what is not.

4. Give Them Attention

Sometimes your dog craves your attention. When they do not get it for a long time, they start to get frustrated. This is when they start to hurt others to express their anger. Thus, always be soft with your pet and give them proper attention.

5. Match Personalities

If you are planning to buy a cat and a dog together, then raise them together. Try to make them understand that the latter is just like their sibling. Train them to be friends and give them activities to learn teamwork and affection.


Even after following every step by heart, it can be possible that you do not achieve the desired results. But you need to be patient. Dogs are not that of complicated creatures. With a little training and love, they can easily live in the same house as a cat and play together.

But if you still are confused about how to tell if a dog is aggressive towards cats, you may visit an animal expert to know the dos and don’ts for your pet dog.

Or you can also choose between dogs or a cat to the pet if you see your dog’s behavior remains the same. It all depends on the dog and your training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Fix Dog Aggression Towards Cats?

Yes, it is possible to fix a dog’s aggression towards cats to some extent. But you must start training them as soon as they reach you. Make sure to teach them how to socialize and give them plenty of attention. Do not let them feel alone or frustrated, as it can be a reason your dog might start killing smaller animals.

What Does It Mean When A Dog Growls At A Cat?

This behavior is generally called territorial behavior. This happens when you see a new creature around you. This can also be seen among cats.

Would A Dog Kill A Cat?

A dog can kill a cat due to territorial-based aggression, stress, frustration, or depression. Thus, it is essential to train your dog properly and keeping them joyful.

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