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Why Do Cats Sit on Laps?

One of the things that often intrigues pet owners is why do cats sit on laps. What makes them want to do so? Is it a reason to make you worried by any chance?

This article takes you out of that misery of worrying about why by answering the question in detail. So read on to find out.

Why Do Cats Sit on Laps?

Why do cats sit on laps? The answer to that reason can be several reasons. One of them is expressing the trust that they have bestowed to you as the owner.

But, if that’s the case, it might take some time before it happens. So, as much as you are longing to experience it, wait until it does it voluntarily.

It may have nothing to do with you but rather what you are wearing. If it likes the texture of your clothes, you can rest assured that the cat will sit on your lap.

In most cases, they sit on the textures they feel comfortable getting into contact with, such as soft bathrobes.

Remember that cats are quite sensitive when it comes to smell. Therefore, if the owner lends you a piece of cloth that smells like them, the cat will sit on your lap comfortably.

Being the social animals that they are, cats sit on laps to establish a connection with people.

So whether you are the owner or someone they like, cats will sit on your lap, aiming to create a relationship with you.

Other reasons include warmth, comfort, safety, and security. They are things everyone claims for and since sitting on laps provides that, the cat won’t hesitate to do it.

Why Other Cats Choose Not To Sit On Laps?

As much as cats sit on laps, not all of them do so. That’s because some factors contribute towards the variance in behavior.

Some of them include the relationship between the cat and its owner, their past, and the breed.

In other cases, the reason for the resistance is their nature. If your cat is naturally independent, don’t expect it to sit on your lap.

If you have other pets such as dogs, your cat may not sit on your laps if it detects their scents on you.

As much as some breeds are considered closer to human beings than others, the personality of that individual cat is the main determinant of whether it will sit on laps or not.

When You Should Be Worried About This Behavior?

As much as cats sit on laps for good reasons, sometimes it may be a sign of trouble. For instance, if it is not in its nature to sit on your laps, that may signify health issues.

However, since the sudden change may also signify that you have gained trust, look for other symptoms before concluding that it has a problem.

For example, observe its sleeping pattern. Is the cat sleeping more than usual? If the answer is a resounding yes, it would be better if you sought the help of a vet.

However, it is essential to note that you can only notice a change if you have been keen before the incident. Therefore, the sleeping pattern of your cat needs to be at your fingerprints.

Why A Cat Chooses To Sit Next To Someone Instead Of The Lap?

A cat may not sit on laps but instead chooses to sit next to someone. Under such circumstances, the cat has trust issues. The fact that they are staying close to you shows the love they feel towards you. Nevertheless, they ate still not convinced that you should be trusted completely.

The trust issues may be related to past experiences. For example, if you adopted it, the behavior might often be due to its previous owners’ treatment. So, yes, it loves you, but it is not yet there as far as trust is concerned.


So, why do cats sit on laps? Most of the time, it is all for the right reasons. However, there are other instances when it indicates an issue.

Some cats may not sit on the laps, which can be forever, if natural or temporary until yours can trust you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do cats sit facing away from you?

It is a sign of how much the cat trusts you. Consequently, it prefers facing away from you because it doesn’t need to stay alert when it comes to you. Since cats are vulnerable if an attack comes from behind, their back faces that one person they believe won’t hurt them, you.

Is it possible to make your cat start sitting on your laps?

As much as it may not be wise to force such an issue, some ways can make that dream of yours a reality. However, they are often more effective when dealing with kittens and not adult cats. They include placing a soft blanket on your laps and using treats.

When should you stop petting your cat when sitting on your lap?

There are things to pay attention to lest the pet bites you. One of them is if the cat becomes stiff all of a sudden. Others include a twitching tail, unsheathed claws, hissing, growling, dilated pupils, and pulled-back ears.

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