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Why Does My Cat Sound Like a Pigeon?

Why Does My Cat Sound Like a Pigeon? Read on to find the best answer!

Do cats communicate with human beings? If so, how do they talk to us? Let’s find out. Cats are not like humans who can speak when in need of something.

For them to communicate with people, they go ahead and make sounds that alert us. Often many people think that the only sound made by cats is a meow.

This is false because cats make other sounds that vary in tone and pitch and convey different messages.

Depending on the situation, cats make distinct vocalizations. Through reading and interpreting these sounds, you can know the mood and emotional state of your cat.

The sounds will tell you whether cats are happy, hungry, angry, lonely, or playful. Examples of such sounds are purring, meowing, growling, trilling, hissing, yowling, chattering, etc.

There are many other sounds, but there’s one specific sound we are going to focus on today.

That sound is called a pigeon-like sound. Cats make this sound with their mouths closed, and it’s a mixture of a meow and a purr.

What Makes a Cat Sound Like a Pigeon?

Cats are behavioral animals, and that means that we can learn them and know what they exactly need. Many reasons make your cat sound like a pigeon. Some of these reasons are;

  • Trying To Catch Your Attention

Cats are amiable animals, which is why they are found in the homes of many people. Sometimes you can be busy at work, or maybe you have not been around for some time. This can make you ignore or neglect your cat.

If you have a cat and it’s fond of you, when it first sees you, it will produce a pigeon-like sound as a way of telling you, “Hey, I’m here.”

The cat can make this sound repeatedly until you divert all your attention and attend to its needs. They can try to capture your attention by passing through your legs too.

  • The Cat Loves Your Company

Cats are animals that crave human attention most of the time. Some people take time to play with their cats and feed them.

When such a cat is happy, there is a possibility that it will produce this sound as a way of telling you that it’s glad you’re around. It’s a way of your cat appreciating your company and presence.

  • A Form of Greeting

I know you may be surprised that cats crave to greet human beings. Just as you would like to greet your friends or family, cats long to greet their owners too. They do this by rubbing their heads continuously and making pigeon-like sounds. They welcome their owners because they recognize their keepers as a part of their life, and that’s why they spare time to say hello to them.

  • Feeling Healthy and Safe

Would you hate living in a safe environment? Of course, no one hates that. The same concept applies to cats. When you provide a suitable environment for your cat, as a way of showing you gratitude, it makes such a sound.

Cats also note those owners who take them to the veterinary for checkups and will appreciate you by making this sound. If you give your cat healthy food, give it vitamins and make sure its living conditions are good, it never forgets but will often say, “Thank you for making me healthy” by making the sound.

  • A New Environment

When cats find themselves in a new home or environment, they get nervous, just like you and me. For instance, young kittens around 2-6 months can take about 2-3 days to adapt to the environment since they are young and do not know much.

But for adult cats, they can take up to one week or two before they get used to the environment. If you notice that your cat sounds like a pigeon, just know that your cat is not entirely settled down but is in the process of getting used to the new environment.

  • To Get You to Follow Them

Cats are very social pets, and they have a variety of ways of talking to us. For example, when the cat wants to play with you or show you an empty feeding bowl, it will make this sound so you may follow or listen to it.

As soon as you stand up, your cat will lead the way, and it will take you to where it wants you to be. You can find yourself even at the playing ground or anywhere the cats wish you to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does a Cat Make a Shrilling Sound?

Adult cats often use a shrilling sound to show love and pleasure. You will notice that your cat trills to show you that they want to be caressed. Trilling is a way for your cat to get attention and also a gesture of love.

Why Does a Cat Purr Sound Similar to A Bird?

Purring is naturally related to happiness. When cats are happy, they purr, even while they sleep.


We can say that cats are very loving animals and require our care and attention. As a pet owner, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with cat sounds. This will enable you to understand your cat better and why they make such sounds.


Serina Russow
Serina Russow
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