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Can Cats Drink Tea?

Can cats drink tea? Several cat owners notice that their feline companions enjoy drinking tea. Any tea left in your home is likely to be licked and smelt by your fable.

The pet does not hesitate to drink tea directly from your cup. You must keep caffeinated beverages away from your cat if you love coke, coffee, or tea.

Can Cats Drink Tea?

Although we relate to our cats, they are not ready in the same way as we are.

Coffee has a lot of caffeine. Cats are not tolerant to caffeine; thus, you should not give them any caffeinated teas. Caffeinated tea can harm your cat if it accidentally drinks it.

Monitor its behavior if it drinks it accidentally. Consult your veterinarian if your pet acts hyperactive, vomiting, disgusting, or stressed.

People often talk about the safety of various herbs and chemicals for cats, so you will need to research and determine what ingredients are best for your cat.

For example, cherry, grape, citrus, and anything with intense aromatics, or you should avoid flavors.

Then, when your cat’s next visit comes around, talk to your vet about which herbs they would recommend or warn you against.

What Is The Best Way To Serve Tea To Cats?

For kitty’s sake, you should not steep her tea for as long as yours, as this could cause her a stomachache. Also, before serving the tea to your cat, let it cool so that their nose does not get burned.

It might be a challenge to keep your cat from consuming the tea for long enough to let it cool down if they are too eager.

Make the cat feel comfortable and confident when it is ready to try something new by setting the tea in a place where it can feel safe and comfortable.

For example, it may be better to pour it into a shallow dish so that they can quickly gulp it down.

Cat-safe tea may cause wildly different reactions depending on your cat. Although you might enjoy drinking several cups of tea a day, it is probably not the best thing for your cat.

To avoid stomach aches or unusual substances building up in your cat’s system, you should keep cat tea parties to special occasions.

What Is The Problem With Tea For Cats?

It contains caffeine, which is a stimulant, and this makes tea problematic for cats. If your cat drinks tea, it may increase their heart rate, grow in their hyperactivity, make them restless, and cause them to vocalize constantly.

The following symptoms can also occur if a cat drinks tea containing caffeine:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Having a fever
  • Having to urinate more frequently
  • Higher blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmias

Cats can end up in a coma or even die in very severe cases.

How Do I Deal With My Cat Drinking Tea?

It is essential to work out how much tea your cat consumes if you find they have consumed some tea in your household. You shouldn’t worry if your cat drinks a few tiny sips but monitor them carefully for these common symptoms.

Contact an emergency vet immediately when anything concerning appears wrong with your cat or when you suspect he has consumed a significant volume of tea.

If the situation is complicated, your veterinarian may recommend several solutions. Among these are intravenous drips, charcoal prescriptions to absorb any toxins, and the inducement of vomiting.


It is impossible to give a simple, definitive answer to the question “Can cats drink tea?”. It could depend on various factors whether one cat drinks tea and another does not.

However, you can still share tea safely and healthily with your friends with the proper research. It is a surprising fact that your cat can have a bit of what you’re eating.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is the Problem with Tea for Cats?

The problem with tea for cats is usually that it contains caffeine, which is a stimulant. Therefore, taking tea can cause a cat to become hyperactive, restless, and vocalize constantly.

Is Herbal Tea Safe for Cats to Drink?

Herbal teas are often safer for cats than other types of tea, but most herbs are toxic to them, so tea is best avoided overall. It is safe for cats to consume highly diluted chamomile tea and highly diluted peppermint tea. Ensure the tea is at room temperature when served to your cat.

How Does a Cat Calm Down?

Try to keep your cat calm by keeping noises low around her, especially if she gets stressed by an unfamiliar person or environment. For example, when they are in their carrier, cover the transportation with a towel to dampen noise. Listen to relaxing music to calm her down if she becomes agitated.

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