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7 Cats Breeds With Big Eyes! Ultimate Guide

Looking for Cats Breeds With Big Eyes? Last time we talked about cats with smushed faces, and yeah we all know how adorable they are. Today we’ll be showing you another list of cute, adorable, and lovely cats! Who wouldn’t fall in love with a cat with big eyes?

Imagine that cat with big eyes, his eyes full of charming expressions, can you resist it? A cat with big eyes whose eyes are filled with gladness that wakes you up in the morning? Isn’t that sweet? Ah, right, I know it’s hard to resist right? Alright, let’s find out who are those cats with big eyes, and let’s be enticed with their tantalizing charm!

7 Cats Breeds With Big Eyes

1. Devon Rex Cat

Devon Rex Cat

The short-haired, tall-eared, intelligent cat emerged in England in the 1950s. The Devon Rex cats are also called as “alien cats” or “pixie cats” because of their unique appearance. This cat has down hair, and a soft and fine undercoat fleece.

Some cats have long whiskers, while this cat has short whiskers that sometimes appear as if they don’t have one. Lastly, their toes are large.

If you’re considering a Devon Rex to be your new home buddy, well it will be a great idea! This cat is a very human-oriented one. Devon Rex is an expressive cat that will tell you that it enjoys you and his activities.

Next to this, this adorable cat is active, friendly, and playful. It enjoys hanging on its human’s shoulders. Devon Rex is highly intelligent and can be trained to walk with a leash and other canine activities.

The best part of having a Devon Rex, he is a very faithful companion and affectionate. If you like a clingy and expressive cat on loves you, Devon Rex is the cat buddy for you!

2. Sphynx

Sphynx Cat

This other eye cat is known for its extroverted behavior, high energy, and affection. This cat greets its owner at the door and is friendly when meeting strangers.

One more amazing thing about this intelligent cat is that it is very vocal. It will meow when it wants something.

So if you like a vocal, sweet, energetic cat with big eyes, then a sphynx is perfect for you.

3. Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail Cat

This big-eyed cat is unusual because its tail looks like a rabbit’s tail. This cat originates from Japan and Southeast Asia. Its eyes are very large and oval-shaped and is ready to look at you with sweetness.

This cat is very intelligent, active, and talkative. A Japanese bobtail is full of energy and mischief giving them a playful behavior. Amusingly, this breed of cat is attracted to water.

The best part of having a Japanese bobtail is its very affectionate nature. Making it a perfect pet that gets along with children. Expect a very loyal friendship and great companionship from this cat with big eyes.

4. Singapura

Singapura Cat

This big-eyed cat is known as the “world’s smallest cat”. This cat is stocky and muscular with a very short and fine coat. Its eyes are almond-shaped together with slightly pointed and deep cupped ears.

It possesses a tail that is slender and slightly shorter than the length of the body. Its tail has a blunt tip.

Singapura cats are active, playful, and very curious. It likes to perch in high places to see a better view of the surroundings. Its best characteristic is its desire for human interaction and affection.

5. British Shorthair

British Shorthair Cat

This cat has eyes that are round deep coppery orange in British Blue. It is a powerful-looking large cat, with strong thick sets of legs with rounded paws. Its head is relatively large and rounded with a short muzzle and broad cheeks.

British shorthair has a quiet voice. It is dignified and easygoing, as it is not as active and playful. To compare most breeds of cat, this matures slowly. It reaches full physical development at approximately three years of age.

If you’re someone who is looking for a super calm companion, British shorthair is the best buddy for you. This cat isn’t a demanding companion, overly affectionate and a mellow one that can go along with other pets. Just avoid picking it up, it doesn’t like it, though it likes a good cuddle at times.

6. Abyssinian

Abyssinian Cat

This cat has a hypnotizing almond eye. It can play with its toys for hours but will also love to play interactively with its parent. This cat talks with a soft quiet voice. It is naturally affectionate and loving to its owners.

This cat is social and would love to have some company. A company of having another cat or another pet is best for it especially when its human is out of the house. Do you like to have a loving cat like Abyssinian?

7. La Perm

La Perm Cat

This wide-eyed cat is closely related to Native American culture. It is believed that it was created under the vigilant eye of Tsagaglalal. By whom most rock hunters around the area are dedicated. It has a loose and bouncy curls coat.

Often, this cat is described as clownish. It is a mischief-maker who makes talented use of his paws to open doors, swipe things, and tap your shoulder for attention. This cat isn’t clingy but will follow you around. It also loves to sit on your lap, in your work area, and on your shoulder.

The best part of living with a La Perm, this cat is very pleasant, affectionate, gentle, and patient with people. It warmly welcomes visitors especially when they are well socialized as kittens. Do you like La Perm to be your clownish buddy?

Decision Time

Which among these cats takes your heart? They are so adorable! Most of them are loving and affectionate, who wouldn’t love that as cat owners?

These are just some of the cats with big eyes. Do you have one? If you’re planning to have one, which one would you bring home with you? Share it with us!

Those are the 7 Cats Breeds With Big Eyes!

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