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Are German Shepherds Good with Cats? 5 Surprising Facts

Are German Shepherds good with cats?

You have seen in some television show that a German Shepherd dog is living with a cat and not fighting. You might have a friend that’s raising a cat and a German Shepherd at the same time.

Maybe, you once had a chat with someone having a German Shepherd and a cat at home from your veterinarian’s clinic. I know I can hear you.

There are many German shepherds have cats good buddy for your little feline. With that said, are German shepherds good with cats?

Are German Shepherds Good With Cats?

German Shepherds originated from Germany. These types of dogs are medium up to large size dogs. These dogs are known as Alsatians. In 1977 they changed back the name to German Shepherd Dog otherwise known as GSD.

GSD are intelligent dogs that can learn new tasks or tricks after 5 repetitions only. Being intelligent is one of GSD’s desirable traits as they are easy to train and easy to learn. Also, this dog has an ardor for purpose.

This trait made this dog stand out among the rest. Their ardor for a purpose allows these dogs to be trained. Being trained, GSD becomes a participant of bigger missions.

These missions include bodyguarding, police dogs, search and rescue. GSD can become overprotective of its owners and territory if not properly trained to socialize. Otherwise, since this dog ardors purpose, it is not easy for it to make friends with strangers.

German Shepherds And Cats

As pet lovers and owners, we would love to see our baby pets getting along very well. We would like a harmonious house to live with them. Here are some things that you might want to see whether your kitty or your GSD is ready to welcome a new member in the family:

1. Demeanor

Is your cat friendly? What about the GSD? Is it true that German Shepherd hates cats?

Your pet’s demeanor will dictate whether they can get along with another pet in the house. Let’s say the GSD is so friendly and energetic, while your cat loves to be alone and spend time by itself. It wouldn’t be a good idea that these two come together, a fight might start.

2. Socialization Level

Some pets are territorial, aggressive and dominant. These pets are tough and would like to have full control of the environment.

How can you improve the socialization level?

3. Trainability

What’s the trainability of the pet? Is it easy for the pet to be trained? What are the command clues that you can use to stop your pets in case the two go to a fight? Should you consider getting a professional behavioral trainer for the two pets?

No one will understand your pet’s behavior aside from you. Before introducing the GSD to your beloved feline these are just some of the things you need to identify. In case you think that your feline is now ready then proceed.

4. Chasing  

Here you are now, you finally gauge that your kitty is ready to welcome the new family member. Yet, it’s not that easy to introduce your GSD right away to your kitty. This may cause some shock and confusion to your kitty. This often results in an endless war between your cat and GSD.

Creating a good and harmonious relationship may take time and patience for you and your pets. Here are some ways that you can do to make the relationship smooth and lasting. Here are some steps you may take:

The time you bring home your GSD, do not bring your two pets in the same room as much as possible. Keep them in distance, away from one another.

Keep your cat in a room with complete needs such as its cat litter, water, food plate, and toys. Same thing with your GSD. This is to avoid any distress between the two.

Scent introduction is one of the necessary steps that need to take place right away. If you have a shirt that you no longer use or an extra toy, you may make use of it to introduce the scent to one another. The goal for this is to introduce the scent of each other that can cause a mild interaction between the two.

Our pets have special olfactory senses even though they’re far away from one another. These two will still smell each other. Try feeding each pet with an open door where they can make a peak of one another.

The smell of your feline and your GSD will be smelled by each other. Then making them peak to one another is a good way to let them know to whom the scent belongs to.

The slow introduction of each other’s presence. This is when you attempt to bring the two pets in one room. The GSD may stay in one corner of the room while your cat is playing in a higher space. Make sure your cat is a far from the GSD.

You may slowly decrease the distance of your pet from one another each day you bring them together. In case any of your pets shown aggressiveness, repeat steps from the beginning.

If the pets didn’t respond negatively, allow them to be close to one another. Make sure too that there are high perch or areas that your cat can stay if it feels unsafe down with your dog. In time, they’ll get used to each other’s presence.


So, Are German Shepherds Good with Cats? Making the GSD and your feline friend get along well will take some time and patience. You just need to be patient and take it slower. Are you parenting both GSD and feline? How’s your experience? Share it with us!

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