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How To Raise A Kitten To Be Cuddly?

Grooming a well-raised kitten begins before you bring them to your house. So, if you are concerned about how to raise a kitten to be cuddly? Then check our guide below.

How To Raise A Kitten To Be Cuddly

Grooming begins the day a kitten is born. We are not referring to the professional grooming by some expert but from their mother. Just like any other newborn, kittens too learn from mimicking their fellow siblings or mother.

They grasp up basic activities like eating, walking, and being compassionate towards their ”family”.

That’s why taking a kitten away from its mother and littermates before it is eight weeks old is never a wise decision. Naturally, if the kitten is a rescue, this may not be possible.

However, grooming a newborn from scratch could be a bit difficult when they are a rescued one.

According to the American Animal Hospital Association, nursing kittens by their mothers from a nascent stage not only imparts protection against numerous diseases, but they are also less likely to develop behavioral problems later.

On the other hand, separating a kitten from its mother before it is fully weaned before eight weeks might result in a less healthy and socialized kitten.

Allowing your kitten to be gently open to diverse experiences, animals (if safe), and people will aid in the development of positive behavior toward people and other pets.

Kittens and mature cats that have not been adequately groomed may be shy or highly aggressive.

Thus, slowly and carefully introduce your kitten to family relatives, then relatives and friends who reside elsewhere, all while keeping your baby safe.

Raise It Like Your Own Baby

If you have a rescued kitten who is below eight weeks of age, then you’ll have to feed with care, comfort, and nurture your tiny one. The kitten’s age will determine their wants and -round-the-clock attention.

If your kitten is under the age of eight weeks, the same attention you devote to its health will help it learn to depend on and believe you as its human caregiver. Keep in mind that at this age, you’ll need to:

  1. Bottle feed your kitten with unique cat formula every 3 hours until it’s ready to wean and begin solid meals (a gradual process)
  2. Cuddle and keep the kitten warm in the same way as its mother and siblings would if they’d been together.
  3. Keep your kitten clean and safeguard it from other pets and older cats because its system isn’t strong enough to defend itself physically.
  4. Pay proper attention to its hygiene if it is not mature enough to begin kitten vaccines.
  5. You will need to gently stimulate a kitten’s bowels to assist it to go to the washroom if it is under this age since its body cannot do so on its own.

Gentleness Is The Key

Use these gentleness training ideas to help your cats trust you and learn to be gentle:

  1. Pet your kitten frequently and tenderly
  2. Use a gentle voice and speak its name frequently
  3. Groom your kitten frequently so it becomes accustomed to being brushed and cleansed
  4. Engage in frequent playtime as it grows older and more lively — Kittens have a lot more energy as they get older, so playtime is vital to helping them socialize and connect with you and other humans in the house.

Socialize Them

It’s critical not to isolate your kittens, especially once they’ve been weaned and vaccinated, because they are not used to people and other pets as an adult like you do. Be mindful to include them in more acceptable social contacts with humans and other animals in the home as they get older than eight weeks.

  1. Let your kitten play with your close family members or friends for better interaction.
  2. Introduce them to calm, cat-friendly dogs as soon as possible. If you have a dog in your home already, this can assist a kitten in overcoming her natural dread of dogs and make the environment more peaceful when both of them are around each other.
  3. Play music, vacuum, and do other everyday noisy activities, so they become acclimated to those sounds early and aren’t terrified of loud noises later on.
  4. Play with your kitten using materialistic objects like toys. It will make the interaction more fun and interesting for both of you.


These all were some of the most common methods you can use on how to raise a kitten to be cuddly. People usually have a misconception that cat’s throw attitude. Which isn’t a true case. Cat’s have boundaries and give their all if you care for them correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is It True That As A Cat Grows Older, It Becomes More Affectionate?

It depends from cat to cat. Some senior cats become aloof and less friendly, while others become more dependent. Your old cat will be content if you shower it with love and affection.

Should I Force A Hug On My Cat?

Never put pressure on your cat to pay attention to you. According to veterinarian Wendy Hauser, pet owners should never urge a cat to socialize or snuggle when they are not in the mood. “Cat owners should not compel their cats to pay attention to them.” Cats appreciate human attention, but in lesser amounts and on their terms than dogs do.

Are Male Cats More Loving Than Female Cats?

It’s a Myth. Male cats are more loving toward humans and form strong bonds with their owners than female cats. Female cats are reserved and prefer other cats to people due to their maternal instincts. Reality: Your cat’s personality is typically the deciding factor. Our feline companions, like wild cats, are loners.

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