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How Much Is It To Get A Cat Cremated? Practical Cremation Costs

Learning how much is it to get a cat cremated, isn’t always straightforward.

When a feline friend passes away, we feel sad about it and the only way to pay last tribute to our beloved furry is cremation as a mark of closure or separation with the departed. Cremation is the best choice to get rid of a dead cat for many reasons.

First, it is environmentally friendly and secondly, it is cost-effective. I couldn’t proceed without mentioning the freedom to carry your departed friend’s ashes wherever you go for memorization purposes.

How Much Is It To Get A Cat Cremated?

The cost of cremation has dependencies you need to take into consideration before reaching the actual cost of the cat’s cremation. Some of the factors include; location, the weight of the body, and time of cremation among others. On average your cat’s cremation will cost you between $60 and $150. There are two modes of cremation; communal and private cremation. Depending on the love that exists between the pet and the pet owner, one may choose private or communal. Communal is more cost-effective compared to private or individual cremation. Communal involves the incineration of many cat bodies at once while private will deal with an individual cat which is ideal if you are planning to keep your pet’s ashes.

How a cat cremation is done

The body of a cat is placed into a cremation component and then subjected to very high heat with temperatures exceeding 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. The biological matter is reduced to dust and dried bones. Then ground to a gritty sandy-type substance. In the case of a communal cremation, the bodies are heaped together and cremated at once which means the ashes will be mixed up while in a private case, you can get the ashes of your cat alone. How is it important to cremate your cat using a private cremation mode? Only when you want to keep the remains of your beloved furry friend for memorial purposes. To cremate a cat, it takes approximately two hours or more depending on the total weight of the body. After cremation, the ash remains of your cat are placed into a container provided by a crematorium. Sometimes you can provide for yourself.

The Average Cost Of Cat Cremation

There are numerous variables one should consider before choosing the mode of a cat’s cremation. Some of the variables include; cremation type, and memorial services among other extras you might choose to honor your late friend. The actual cat’s cremation might cost you anything between $50 and $150 US dollars. While communal cremation can be half the amount. Many crematoriums might pick up the body of your cat without extra charge but some may charge you between $30 and $45 US dollars. If you want to cremate your cat during odd days like weekends, night hours, or outside driving distance, you can be charged approximately $40 US dollars as an extra charge.

Sometimes you are allowed to bring in yourself as long as you comply with regulations of the state you come from to reduce cost. If you want to witness the process of cremation, you will be charged $20 to $30 extra. If you plan to place the ashes in an urn, the cost will be somewhere between $50 and $1000 US dollars depending on the quality of the urn.

Where can I get my cat cremation near me?

You can easily locate a cat crematorium by asking your vet. They must have a clue or could even operate one, surprisingly you didn’t know. Also, you can locate one near you by looking at online directories. Another option is to ask your pet shelter provider, sometimes they deal with situations like these.

Do you really get your pet’s ashes back?

People treat cat ashes differently. Upon the return of your cat’s ashes, a memorial service is likely the first thing to think of. Thereafter, some people may decide to scatter the ashes in a special place to symbolize the act of setting them free. You may scatter the ashes of your precious cat in a place they loved to rest so that they can rest in peace. There is a belief that not disposing of the remains of your precious cat in a civil way will lead to their ghosts haunting you for the rest of your life.

If you are interested in burying your precious cat remains, you might consider burying them within your compound or in a pet cemetery. And if you want to display the ashes of your belated loved one, there are cat urns made in different designs from traditional models to elegant and custom-made urns. Others may decide to keep the ashes in some jewelry. You can wear them or hang them in your home, somewhere special where your cat used to spend most of their free time or you can keep them in a safe or a draw.

Another fascinating way to keep memories of your precious cat is to turn their ashes into a tree. Wondering how? Tree urns are a special and spiritual way to pay the last tribute to your beloved pet. You can bring back life by growing a tree from the ashes of your loved one. It is a green way to be friendly to the earth. Ashes provide nutrients to the tree and the tree does its duty of cleaning the air. What an adorable way to end life! The tree urns are biodegradable and dissolve with time as the tree keeps sprouting up.

Deciding which way to say goodbye to your loved pet

Putting your cat to her final resting place is not an easy task. Especially if you had no plans for the occasion in advance. It is painful but a mandatory undertaking to pay your last tribute. Even when still in grief mode. choose the type that does not oppress you financially. Your friend will appreciate your efforts nonetheless. It can be beneficial to make these arrangements in advance to avoid worries and pain in deciding on how to part ways with your pet. In whichever mode you choose to pay last tribute to your loved one, I wish you my heartfelt condolences.

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