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How To Tell If Cats Are Bonded – Bonding In Cats

Bonding in cats happens the same way human beings have mutual relationships. It is natural for cats to develop a strong affinity with other cats, pets, and their owners. Obviously, It would be interesting to know how to tell if cats are bonded. It is easy to tell if cats are bonded just by observing how they interact with each other. How To Tell If Cats Are Bonded – Bonding In Cats.

You will know that your cats have bonded when they do everything together. Bonded cats eat together, sleep next to each other, and rub their faces against each other.

The cats that bond, have an emotional connection with each other, the two would later be depressed when separated.

Pets that have grown up together since they were young will remain bonded even when they become old.

How do you tell if cats are bonded? Below is a discussion on detailed bonding in cats.

How Do You Tell If Cats Are Getting Along?

There are many signs to look out for to tell if cats are getting along well when you have just brought the two stay together in your house. One of them may have also stayed longer than the other and introducing another cat may cause problems. The pet owner’s attention will be divided and the two cats may refuse to accept this. So how do you tell if cats are getting along well?

Cats tend to bond better when they are introduced to each other when they are still young. If you want your cats to bond shelter them together give them equal attention and love. Let them both feel that they have become part of your family.

Your pets are getting along well if they start to show affection to each other. The pets will rub their heads and bodies together and they even start to kiss each other. They do this while producing soft meowing sounds to show that they are content with each other.

It is even more amazing when the two cats start to cuddle each other and tangle their tails while sleeping. You should be at ease because the cats have grown beyond the love for one another and they have started to trust each other.

If the cats used to fight during their initial stage of being together, this aggression will stop when they start to get along well. The cats will play well and pick up normal fights from time to time but these fights end very fast. When they have bonded well they can never fight to the point of hurting each other.

When the bonded cats are separated, they become frustrated and even end up to be depressed. Cats that have bonded like to stay together and do everything together.

Can Bonded Cats Fight Each Other?

Yes, bonded cats can pick small fights with each other from time to time this is normal. But, when the fights become aggressive to the point of getting hurt, it means the cat’s bond is threatened.

When cats that have lived in peace together for some time start to fight you need to identify the triggers. These fights usually start because of varied reasons.

Cats are likely to fight because of a poor state of health. When one of your pets is sick, it feels pain which causes it to extend its frustration to the partner. The sick cat will also lack the energy to play. For this reason, the cats may start to fight because one of them will feel that it is being ignored.

Bonded cats may also fight when they compete to get attention from their owner. The cat will enjoy emotional stability when they receive fair treatment from the owner. This way the two pets will co-exist peacefully and enjoy the care they receive from their owner. Avoid preferential treatment because the rejected cat will protest by being aggressive to the other cat. Cats also fight each other when they want to be noticed by pets.

Cats have a special attachment to their resting places, they can also fight for these spaces. Bonded cats are also likely to fight over food and toys when the supply is not enough for both to share.

It is good to identify triggers that cause the cats to be aggressive with each other. Find ways of stopping the fights in cats to prevent the cats from hurting each other. The bonded cats can be separated for a while to stop the aggression towards each other.

Can You Separate Bonded Cats?

It is important to maintain a lasting mutual relationship between two cats that have shared special moments. However, there comes when bonded cats must be separated. Can you separate bonded cats? Yes. Though separation can cause a lot of distress to the bonded cats.

Bonded cats can be separated especially if they start to fight each other. They fight because one of the cats refuses to play with the other cat or when they compete to get attention from their owner. The cats must be separated if they fight aggressively to the point of hurting each other.

Once you identify fights between the two pets, Place them in separate areas of the house that will prevent them from coming close to one another. You provide equal comfort to both cats even when they have been separated.


Finally, bonding in cats is normal and it happens out of love and affection between two cats. You would be asking yourself this how do tell if cats are bonded?

You can tell that cats are bonded by looking at how they behave towards each other. These cats are bonded if they start getting along and they start to do everything together with trust for each other. Their relationship grows from liking each other to a point where they trust each other fully. Sometimes bonded cats fight, and separate them when this happens. You can reintroduce the cats later when the situation between them has gone back to normal. To know if the two cats will stay together in peace allow them to play together a few times. If they seem to get along well reunite them again. They will bond again better.

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