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400+ Unique Urdu Cat Names with Meaningful Charm

Have you ever wondered what to name your cat in Urdu? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back! Choosing a name is a big deal – it’s like picking the perfect vibe for your furry pal. So, let’s take a chill stroll into the world of Urdu cat names. We’re not just throwing words at you; each name comes with a cool backstory, adding a dash of meaning to your cat’s identity. It’s like giving them their own little personality tag. Curious? Well, you’re in for a treat! Join us on this laid-back quest to find the ideal Urdu name that vibes with your cat’s uniqueness. No stress, just good vibes, and meaningful names – let’s dive in!

Male Urdu Cat Names

A cat sitting gracefully on the lush green grass Let’s explore the captivating world of Urdu cat names for your male feline companion in the table below, featuring names paired with their meanings and popularity.

Male Urdu Cat Names Meanings Popularity
Aayan Gift of God, Speed, Bright Popular
Adeel Just, Righteous, Blessed Common
Affan Modest, Chaste, Virtuous Moderate
Ahmed Praiseworthy, Commendable, Grateful Very Popular
Ahsan Gracious, Kind, Merciful Popular
Akif Focused, Devoted, Dedicated Less Common
Alamgir Conqueror of the World, Victorious Rare
Ali Noble, Sublime, Exalted Very Popular
Ammar Virtuous, Pious, Long-lived Common
Anwar Luminous, Radiant, Shining Moderate
Arham Merciful, Compassionate, Kind Popular
Asad Lion, Fortunate, Happy Very Popular
Ashar Wise, Intelligent, Knowledgeable Less Common
Atif Compassionate, Sympathetic, Generous Common
Ayaan God’s Gift, Ray of Sunshine, Bright Very Popular
Azlan Lion, Brave, Courageous Popular
Bilal Call to Prayer, Prophet’s Companion Very Popular
Faizan Charitable, Beneficent, Generous Popular
Farhan Happy, Joyful, Delighted Very Popular
Fawad Heart, Soul, Essence Less Common
Feroz Successful, Victorious, Triumphant Rare
Ghazi Conqueror, Warrior, Heroic Rare
Habib Beloved, Darling, Loved One Common
Hamid Praiseworthy, Grateful, Thankful Popular
Haris Guardian, Protector, Farmer Popular
Hasnain The Two Hasans (Grandsons of Prophet) Very Popular
Humayun Fortunate, Auspicious, Blessed Less Common
Idris Interpreter, Studious, Diligent Rare
Iftikhar Honor, Dignity, Pride Common
Imran Prosperous, Prosperity, Long-lived Very Popular
Iqbal Prosperity, Good Fortune, Good Luck Common
Irshad Guidance, Instruction, Leading Less Common
Ismaeel Prophet Ishmael, Heard by God Popular
Jahangir World Conqueror, Conqueror of the Universe Rare
Jamal Beauty, Grace, Handsome Very Popular
Junaid Soldier, Warrior, Fighter Less Common
Kamil Perfect, Complete, Mature Common
Kasim Distributor, Sharer, Generous Popular
Khalid Eternal, Immortal, Everlasting Very Popular
Khizar Green, Fresh, Evergreen Rare
Khurram Happy, Cheerful, Delightful Less Common
Laith Lion, Brave, Strong Popular
Maaz Brave, Bold, Courageous Popular
Mahmood Praised, Commended, Worthy of Praise Less Common
Malik King, Owner, Master Very Popular
Moin Fountain, Spring, Source Common
Mustafa Chosen One, Selected, Preferred Very Popular
Naeem Blessing, Bliss, Favor Popular
Nasir Helper, Supporter, Victorious Very Popular
Noman Pure, Clean, Spotless Common
Obaid Small Slave, Servant Less Common
Qasim Distributor, Shareholder, Divider Very Popular
Rayan Gates of Heaven, Ascending, Fragrant Popular
Rizwan Acceptance, Good Will, Pleased Common
Saad Felicity, Good Fortune, Blessed Very Popular
Salman Safe, Secure, Healthy Very Popular
Shahbaz Royal Falcon, King of Birds Less Common
Umar Life, Flourishing, Prosperous Very Popular
Usman Baby Bustard, Young Bustard Very Popular
Waleed Newborn Child, Baby Boy Common
Yousuf God Increases, God Will Add Very Popular
Zain Beauty, Grace, Adorned Very Popular
Zeeshan Possessor of Dignity and Grace Popular
Zia Light, Splendor, Brightness Common
Zubair Strong, Firm, Courageous Very Popular
Taha Pure, Virtuous, Clean Popular
Arshan Strong, Powerful, Royal Very Popular
Areeb Wise, Intelligent, Knowledgeable
Moderately Popular
Azaan Call to Prayer, Announcement Uncommon
Aariz Respectable Man, Leader Very Popular
Isaar Self-Sacrifice, Offering Uncommon
Baqir Knowledgeable, Wise, Intellectual Uncommon
Danyal God is My Judge, Judicious Popular
Faris Knight, Horseman, Perspicacious Very Popular
Izaan Obedience, Submission, Devotion Popular
Jafer Stream, Rivulet, Moving Water Very Popular
Kamran Successful, Prosperous, Fortunate
Moderately Popular
Moosa Saved from Water, Prophet Moses Popular
Nafees Pure, Clean, Refined Very Popular
Omar Life, Flourishing, Long-lived Common
Qamar Moon, Radiant, Bright Popular
Safir Ambassador, Emissary, Representative
Moderately Popular
Tayyab Pure, Clean, Untainted Uncommon
Uzair Intelligent, Bright, Wise Popular
Vaseem Graceful, Elegant, Handsome Common
Xalid Eternal, Immortal, Everlasting
Moderately Popular
Yaman Blessed, Pious, Happy Uncommon
Imaad Pillar of Support, Supportive Uncommon
Qadeer Powerful, Capable, Competent Popular
Inam Gift, Present, Reward Very Popular
Wasiq Confident, Sure, Reliable
Moderately Popular
Shahzaib Crown of a King, Royal Common
Hashir Gatherer, Assembler, Compiler Popular
Arish Peaceful, Tranquil, Calm Very Popular
Zakariya Remembering God, Prophet Zechariah Uncommon
Wajid Finder, Discoverer, Inventor Popular
Zohaib Adorning the Universe, Beautiful Common
Zarak Gold, Precious Metal
Moderately Popular
Safwan Pure, Unblemished, Untouched Uncommon
Roshan Illuminated, Bright, Shining Popular
Mubashir Bringer of Good News, Announcer Very Popular
Shehroz Respected, Noble, Admirable Common
Nabeel Noble, Generous, Kind
Moderately Popular
Sharjeel Bright, Shining, Luminous Uncommon
Faisal Judge, Arbiter, Decisive Popular
Sarmad Eternal, Everlasting, Perpetual Very Popular
Arsalan Lion, Brave, Courageous
Moderately Popular
Fahad Leopard, Panther Popular
Ariz Determined, Aspiring, Ambitious Very Popular
Zayyan Beautiful, Adorned, Graceful Common
Arshad Pious, Righteous, Guided
Moderately Popular
Bilawal Large, Immense, Grand Uncommon
Asim Limitless, Infinite, Endless Popular
Ashfaq Compassion, Kindness, Sympathy Very Popular
Ehtisham Honor, Respect, Dignity
Moderately Popular
Faraz Elevation, Ascent, Sublime Uncommon
Taimoor Iron, Strong, Tough Very Popular
Qaiser King, Emperor, Monarch Common
Waheed Unique, Singular, One Popular
Hamdan Praiseworthy, Appreciated
Moderately Popular
Sahil Shore, Bank, Seashore Uncommon
Azfar Brave, Courageous, Valiant Popular
Shahmir King, Ruler, Leader Very Popular
Aarav Peaceful, Calm, Serene Common
Talib Seeker of Knowledge, Student
Moderately Popular
Asadullah Lion of Allah, Courageous Very Popular
Haseeb Noble, Reckoner, Accountant Common
Raheel Traveler, Voyager, Nomad
Moderately Popular
Ibaad Worshipper, Devotee Popular
Hadi Leader, Guide, Calm Very Popular
Usama Lion, King of the Jungle Common
Jalal Glory, Grandeur, Majesty
Moderately Popular
Saif Sword, Warrior, Brave Uncommon
Aleem Knowledgeable, Wise, Scholar Popular
Basit Uncomplicated, Clear, Vast Very Popular
Eshan Desiring, Wishing, Longing Common
Ghayas Helper, Assistant, Supporter
Moderately Popular
Hanif True Believer, Devout, Upright Uncommon
Irtaza Earnest, Sincere, Devoted Popular
Jameel Beautiful, Handsome, Attractive Very Popular
Karim Generous, Kind, Noble Common
Latif Gentle, Kind, Subtle
Moderately Popular
Majid Glorious, Noble, Dignified Uncommon
Naim Blessing, Comfort, Happiness Popular
Orang Color of Saffron, Vibrant Very Popular
Qadir Powerful, Capable, Able Common
Raazi Pleased, Content, Satisfied
Moderately Popular
Samad Eternal, Immortal, Everlasting Uncommon
Tahir Pure, Clean, Innocent Popular
Umer Life, Flourishing, Long-lived Very Popular
Vaqar Dignity, Majesty, Grace Common
Xerxes Monarch, King, Ruler
Moderately Popular
Yameen Oath, Pledge, Promise Uncommon
Zimal Pure, Untouched, Unblemished Popular
Asjad Hardworking, Diligent, Industrious Very Popular
Bashir Bringer of Good News, Harbinger Common
Daud Beloved, Cherished, Loved
Moderately Popular
Elahi Divine, Sacred, Godly Uncommon
Faysal Decisive, Resolute, Judge Popular
Ghalib Dominant, Prevailing, Conqueror Very Popular
Haroon Hope, Expectation, Protector Common
Arslan Lion, Brave, Courageous Very Popular
Qazi Judge, Arbitrator, Justice
Moderately Popular
Aswad Black, Dark Popular
Waqas Warrior, Fighter Common
Saifullah Sword of Allah, Brave Very Popular
Danish Knowledgeable, Wise Popular
Zaheer Bright, Shining
Moderately Popular
Zayan Beautiful, Adorned Uncommon
Yasir Wealthy, Prosperous Very Popular
Adeeb Knowledgeable, Literary Common
Nadeem Companion, Friend Popular
Amjad Glorious, Noble
Moderately Popular
Aftab Sun, Sunlight Uncommon
Javed Eternal, Immortal Very Popular
Farid Unique, Matchless Common
Wasim Graceful, Handsome
Moderately Popular
Jahan World, Universe Uncommon
Asif Forgiving, Compassionate Popular
Ashiq Lover, Enthusiast Very Popular
Daniyal Intelligent, Wise Common
Tariq Morning Star, Morning Caller
Moderately Popular
Musa Moses, Saved from Water Uncommon
Irfan Knowledge, Wisdom Popular
Aamir Leader, Ruler Very Popular
Adil Just, Fair Common
Sami Exalted, Sublime
Moderately Popular
Shoaib Prophet’s Name Uncommon
Zafar Victory, Triumph Popular
Arif Knowledgeable, Expert Very Popular
Sabir Patient, Enduring Common
Arman Wish, Desire
Moderately Popular
Faiq Surpassing, Excellent Uncommon
Naseem Breeze, Morning Air Popular
Rameez Symbol, Sign Very Popular
Sajid Prostrator, Devotee Common
Shadab Fresh, Green
Moderately Popular
Waqar Dignity, Respect Uncommon
Zulfiqar Sword of Ali Popular
Fahim Intelligent, Understanding Very Popular
Aslam Peaceful, Safe Common
Basheer Bringer of Good News
Moderately Popular
Ehsan Compassion, Kindness Uncommon
Imtiaz Excellence, Distinction Popular
Kashif Revealer, Discoverer Very Popular
Luqman Wise, Intelligent Common
Rahim Merciful, Compassionate
Moderately Popular
Talha Fruitful Tree Uncommon
Umair Life, Longevity Popular
Zahid Devout, Ascetic Very Popular

Urdu Female Cat names

Gray and White Maine Coon Cat Beside Brown Wicker Basket If you’re the lucky companion of a purrincess, fret not! We’ve curated a list of adorable names just for her. The choice is yours to pick the one that perfectly befits your royal feline friend.

Female Urdu Cat Names Meanings Popularity
Aalia Exalted, Noble, Sublime Popular
Aleena Bright, Beautiful, Silk of Heaven Popular
Alina Beautiful, Gracious, Fair Very Popular
Amara Eternal, Immortal, Unfading Popular
Anabia Door to Heaven, Fragrance of Paradise Less Common
Aneesa Companion, Affectionate, Friendly Popular
Areeba Wise, Knowledgeable, Skilful Very Popular
Arooj Rising, Ascending, Climbing Popular
Asma Loftiness, Eminent, Supreme Very Popular
Ayat Sign, Miracle, Verses of the Quran Popular
Ayesha Alive, Living, Prophet Muhammad’s Wife Very Popular
Azra Virgin, Maiden, Pure Common
Bahar Spring, Blossom, Blooming Less Common
Benazir Incomparable, Unique, Peerless Popular
Bushra Good News, Glad Tidings, Happiness Very Popular
Darakht Tree, Plant, Greenery Less Common
Eesha Alive, Living, Alive Woman Very Popular
Fariha Happy, Joyful, Delighted Popular
Fariza Accomplisher, Evaluator, Judge Less Common
Fiza Atmosphere, Air, Breeze Popular
Hadeel Cooing of Pigeon, Sweet Sound Popular
Hafsa Gathering, Collector, Protector Very Popular
Hania Happy, Delighted, Joyful Very Popular
Hira Diamond, Gem, Precious Stone Popular
Humaira Reddish Complexion, Fair, Radiant Less Common
Inaya Concern, Care, Solicitude Very Popular
Iqra Read, Recite, To Read Quran Popular
Ishrat Happiness, Joy, Pleasure Less Common
Jamila Beautiful, Elegant, Lovely Very Popular
Kainat Universe, Cosmos, Creation Popular
Kashaf Discoverer, Revealer, Opener Very Popular
Khadija Premature Child, First Wife of Prophet Popular
Kinza Treasure, Hidden, Precious Very Popular
Mahira Skilled, Expert, Talented Very Popular
Mariam Beloved, Drop of the Sea, Mother of Jesus Popular
Minal Gift, Achievement, Precious Less Common
Nadia Caller, Announcer, Hopeful Very Popular
Nahid Venus, Star, Bright and Beautiful Popular
Noor Light, Radiance, Illumination Very Popular
Noreen Light, Lovable, Tender Popular
Parveen Expert, Skilled, Capable Less Common
Qudsia Holiness, Sanctity, Sacredness Very Popular
Raabia God-Fearing, Devoted to God, Worshiper Popular
Rabia Famous, Winner, Fourth Very Popular
Rukhsar Cheeks, Face, Countenance Less Common
Ruqaiya Rise, Ascend, Ascension Popular
Saba Morning Breeze, Zephyr, Breeze Very Popular
Saima Fasting Woman, Observer of Fasts Popular
Samina Healthy, Safe, Sound Less Common
Saniya Radiant, Brilliant, Distinguished Very Popular
Shazia Unique, Extraordinary, Rare Less Common
Sofia Wisdom, Knowledge, Cleverness Very Popular
Tahira Pure, Chaste, Modest Popular
Wajiha Eminent, Distinguished, Notable Very Popular
Yasmeen Jasmine Flower, Fragrant, Sweet-smelling Popular
Zainab Daughter of Prophet Muhammad, Ornament Very Popular
Zubaida Superior, Elite, Prime Less Common
Aafiya Good Health, Well-being, Prosperity Popular
Aleeha Beautiful, Exalted, Sublime Common
Amna Peace, Calmness, Serenity Very Popular
Areej Fragrance, Aroma, Pleasant Smell Uncommon
Ashiya Gift of God, Living Common
Asra Pure, Spotless, Untouched Very Popular
Atiya Gift, Present, Generosity Moderately Popular
Azka Pious, Pure, Holy Uncommon
Batool Pure, Virgin, Untouched Popular
Dania Arbiter, Judge, Expert Very Popular
Ghania Rich, Wealthy, Prosperous Popular
Insha Creation, Creativity, Art Uncommon
Misha Beautiful, Pretty, God-Like Popular
Zoya Alive, Loving, Caring Very Popular
Arisha Peaceful, Tranquil, Calm Popular
Hadiya Guide to Righteousness, Gift Uncommon
Jameela Beautiful, Attractive, Lovely Common
Kashish Attraction, Allure, Charisma
Moderately Popular
Lubna Purity, Radiance, Luminous Uncommon
Nayab Rare, Precious, Unique Very Popular
Parisa Like a Fairy, Angelic, Ethereal Popular
Rameesha Beautiful, Attractive, Graceful Common
Raaida Leader, Pioneer, Trailblazer Very Popular
Sabiha Beautiful, Graceful, Charming Popular
Tabinda Bright, Glittering, Shining
Moderately Popular
Zoha Morning Light, Dawn Popular
Imaan Faith, Belief, Trust Very Popular
Tasneem Fountain of Paradise, Spring Uncommon
Aruba Loves her Husband, Loves Family Very Popular
Samaira Enchanting, Entertaining Companion Popular
Tanveer Bright, Shining, Radiant
Moderately Popular
Ushna Beautiful, Radiant, Glowing Very Popular
Yameen Oath, Pledge, Promise
Moderately Popular
Zunaira Flower, Adorned with Flowers Uncommon
Abia Great, Excellent, Superb Very Popular
Anam Blessing, Gift, Mercy Common
Cyra Like the Moon, Moonlight Popular
Daniaal God is My Judge, Judicious
Moderately Popular
Eshal Dewdrops, Morning Dew Uncommon
Faiqa Outstanding, Superior, Excellent Very Popular
Gauhar Jewel, Precious Stone Common
Haleema Gentle, Patient, Tolerant Popular
Ishra Happiness, Joy, Delight
Moderately Popular
Janan Heart, Soul, Beloved Uncommon
Kanza Treasure, Hidden Wealth Very Popular
Mehak Fragrance, Perfume, Aroma Popular
Qandeel Light, Lamp, Illumination Uncommon
Rahima Compassionate, Merciful, Kind Very Popular
Shumaila Beautiful, Graceful, Elegant Common
Tania Fairy Queen, Princess of the Fairies Popular
Umara Princess, Noble, Leader
Moderately Popular
Zaiba Beautiful, Adorned, Graceful Popular
Alishba Beautiful, Innocent, Pretty Very Popular
Nida Call, Voice, Plea Popular
Pakeeza Pure, Chaste, Clean Common
Qamar Moon, Moonlight
Moderately Popular
Raheel Traveler, Voyager, Explorer Uncommon
Sabeen Cool Breeze, Gentle Wind Popular
Tazeen Adornment, Beautification Very Popular
Ulfat Love, Affection, Friendship Common
Zarmeen Golden, Made of Gold Popular
Aiza Noble, Honorable, Respected Very Popular
Firdous Highest Garden in Paradise Common
Arjumand Noble, Honourable Uncommon
Roshan Bright, Illuminated, Luminous Very Popular
Shabnam Morning Dew, Dew Drops Common
Tanisha Ambition, Desire, Goal
Moderately Popular
Zimal Pure, Unblemished, Spotless Uncommon
Eman Faith, Belief, Trust Popular
Hoorain Beautiful Eyes, Lustrous Very Popular
Jannat Heaven, Paradise Common
Kausar Abundant, Overflowing
Moderately Popular
Maira Moon, Beloved, Beautiful Uncommon
Naima Tranquil, Comfort, Ease Popular
Tahreem Respect, Honor, Regard Common
Zunairah Flower, Adorned with Flowers
Moderately Popular
Amana Trustworthy, Loyal, Faithful Uncommon
Zimala Pure, Unblemished, Spotless Uncommon
Hareem Sanctuary, Sacred Place Popular
Khushbu Fragrance, Scent, Perfume Common
Lamia Radiant, Shining, Bright
Moderately Popular
Naira Shining, Glittering, Bright Very Popular
Sahar Dawn, Early Morning Common
Tazmeen Obedient, Submissive, Compliant
Moderately Popular
Uzaira Intelligent, Wise, Knowledgeable Uncommon
Vania Beautiful, Gracious, Charming Very Popular
Zohra Venus, Bright Star
Moderately Popular
Afsa Clear, Pure, Transparent Uncommon
Basma Smile, Happy Face Popular
Dilara Beloved, Lovable, Adored Very Popular
Farisa Perspicacious, Discerning Common
Gulsan Rose Garden
Moderately Popular
Hanifa True Believer, Devotee Uncommon
Iza Noble, Honorable, Respectable Popular
Jasia Creator, Originator, Producer Very Popular
Kashvi Shining, Luminous, Bright Common
Laraib Without any Fault or Flaw
Moderately Popular
Mehar Blessing, Favor Uncommon
Nuzhat Delight, Pleasure, Joy Popular
Orisha Heavenly, Divine Very Popular
Rabab Musical Instrument, Lute Uncommon
Sara Noble Princess, Pure, Excellent Popular
Tameem Perfect, Complete, Comprehensive Very Popular
Uswa Model, Exemplar, Ideal Common
Vafiya Faithful, Loyal
Moderately Popular
Yalina Soft, Gentle, Delicate Uncommon
Zaina Beautiful, Graceful, Ornament Popular
Alisha Protected by God, Noble Very Popular
Gohar Precious Stone, Jewel
Moderately Popular
Hina Henna, Fragrance Uncommon
Inara Illuminating, Shining Popular
Kishi Beautiful, Smart Common
Laila Night, Beauty, Sweetheart
Moderately Popular
Madiha Praiseworthy, Gracious, Beautiful Uncommon
Naina Eyes, Sight Popular
Orina Beautiful, Lovely, Graceful Very Popular
Pakeezah Pure, Chaste, Clean Common
Rameen Angelic, Serene Uncommon
Saara Princess, Lady Popular
Ujala Light, Brightness, Radiance Common
Vashma Bright, Radiant, Shining
Moderately Popular
Yumna Blessed, Gift of God Uncommon
Faiza Victorious, Successful, Triumphant Common
Gulzar Garden of Flowers, Abode of Roses
Moderately Popular
Heer Diamond, Precious Stone Uncommon
Irha Heaven’s Flower, Fragrant Popular
Javeria Courageous, Bravery, Strong Very Popular
Nazish Proud, Delicate, Elegant
Moderately Popular
Omaima Flourishing, Life, Alive Uncommon
Parnia Fairy-like, Butterfly Popular
Qirat Recitation, Reading Very Popular
Rukaiya Rise, Ascend, Noble Common
Saadia Lucky, Fortunate
Moderately Popular
Tabeer Interpretation, Explanation Uncommon
Uzma Greatest, Highest Popular
Varda Rose, Rose Garden Very Popular
Wania Gift of God, Beautiful Common
Xara Shining, Radiant
Moderately Popular
Yusra Prosperous, Wealthy Uncommon
Zara Princess, Flower Popular
Aila Beautiful, Like Moon Very Popular
Bisma Smiling, Polite Common
Celine Heavenly, Sublime
Moderately Popular
Dua Prayer, Supplication Uncommon
Elina Bright, Shining Light Popular
Fariya Gorgeous, Attractive Very Popular
Ghazala Graceful, Charming Common
Huda Guidance, Right Path
Moderately Popular
Iman Faith, Belief Uncommon
Jazba Passion, Zeal Popular
Kaina Leader, Queen Very Popular
Laraib Without any Fault or Flaw Common
Mehar Blessing, Favor
Moderately Popular
Nadira Rare, Precious Uncommon
Orina Beautiful, Lovely Popular
Parisa Like a Fairy, Angelic Very Popular
Qandeel Light, Brightness Common
Rania Queen, Gazing
Moderately Popular
Sabeen Cool Breeze Uncommon
Tahira Pure, Chaste Popular
Ulfat Love, Affection Very Popular
Visha Special Knowledge, Wisdom Common
Wajeeha Eminent, Distinguished
Moderately Popular
Xena Brave, Strong Uncommon
Yumna Blessed, Gift of God Popular
Zaina Beautiful, Graceful Very Popular
Alishba Beautiful, Innocent Common
Fiza Breeze, Air
Moderately Popular
Gohar Precious Stone, Jewel Uncommon
Hina Henna, Fragrance Popular
Inara Illuminating, Shining Very Popular
Jameela Beautiful, Elegant Common
Kashish Attraction, Charm
Moderately Popular
Lubna Storied, Wise Uncommon
Misha Beautiful, Alive Popular
Nayab Rare, Precious Very Popular
Parveen Star, Expert, Skilled Common


As we wrap up this post, remember, that the journey of understanding your cat never really ends. Ultimately, the key is the love you share with your cat. But who says naming can’t be fun? Give these beautiful Urdu names a shot; they come with unique meanings that add a special touch. Besides, it’s a name you’ll be calling out for the rest of their lives! There’s always more to learn to make their lives happier and more enjoyable. I hope this article helped you find the perfect name for your new feline friend.

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