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Hippie Cat Names: 150+ Great Hippie Names For Cats

Hippie cat names are quite popular and fashionable. The most wonderful thing about the names is unique and funny.

And what exactly does hippie mean? Well, hippie is a movement associated with creativity, freedom, spontaneity, and peace.

In this guide, you’ll be able to draw inspiration for naming your feline friend from all things associated with a hippie. Let’s find out the top 150 hippie names for cats!

Hippie Cat Names

Unisex Hippie Cat Names

These cool cat names can be ideal for both male and female felines. The names are more than hippie things and you can think about them when naming your furball:

Apple Dakota Journey Moon Sage
Aqua Echo Juniper Nature Sky/Skye
Ash Ember Lake Nirvana Snow
Aspen Garnet Liberty Ocean Sparrow
Berry Genesis Love Peace Spirit
Breezy Guava Lyric Pepper Sunny
Briar Halo Mango Prairie Unity
Brook Heart Maple Rain Whisper
Cloud Honey Meadow River Wind
Coriander Indigo Miracle Robin Winter
Cosmic Infinity Mist Saffron Zen

Male Hippie Cat Names

There are instances where some names can be more masculine and this is the reason behind developing a list of hippie cat names for males. The names include:

Avalanche Dusk Ice Oakley Shadow
Barley Dusty Krishna Ocean Stone
Bear Earth Leaf Orion Storm
Birch Elm Lennon Phoenix Thunder
Blaze Fox Marley Quest Topaz
Blizzard Freedom Mercury Rain Ziggy
Blue Herb Midnight Rebel Wolf
Cedar Huckleberry North Rock Woody

Female Hippie Cat Names

Hippie cat names for females are quite easy when compared to those of male counterparts. Most of the names are flower and culture-inspired names. Let’s find out:

Acacia Deja Ivory Petal
Ambrosia Destiny Jade Petunia
Anise Dharma Jasmine Poppy
Aura Eden Jewel Rainbow
Aurora Essense Joplin Raven
Autumn Faith Joy Saffron
Blossom Fern Karma Serenity
Bluebell Flora Lilac Sienna
Buttercup Gaia Magnolia Spring
Butterfly Gem Marigold Star
Celeste Ginger Maya Starshine
Chakra Gypsy Opal Summer
Cherry Harmony Orchid Tulip
Clarity Heaven Paisley Venus
Clover Honeysuckle Peach Violet
Daisy Hope Pearl Willow
Dawn Iris Peony Yoko

How To Choose Hippy Cat Names

Choosing cat names can be a daunting experience especially if the above list of names does not suit your feline friend.

Well, worry no more since there are plenty of ways on how you can draw inspiration for naming your feline friend.

Here are some of the most popular ways on how to name your cat:

  • Famous Names from celebrities and historical figures
  • Name of places like countries and cities
  • Natural names from trees, flowers, and wild animals

Your hippie cat name doesn’t have to mean anything to anyone but you.

Serina Russow
Serina Russow
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