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Gangster Cat Names! 100 Most Gangster Cat Names

Are you looking for Gangster cat names? Well, you’re lucky. We have compiled a list of the most robust and tenacious cat names for you.

Many people believe that cats are cute, calm, cuddy, and small in size. But why do some cat parents search for a badass cat name for their furry friend?

Well, cats are quite strong and sassy. Therefore, do not underestimate their toughness regardless of their size and age.

However, some feline parents opt for such names in an ironic sense. For instance, you own a cat that is shy and timid. Going for a badass name like a dagger is pretty darn funny.

In this article, you will explore some of the fierce and feisty names for your furry friend. Take your time to go through each category and pick a name worth your cat.

Male Gangster Cat Names

Male cats need to be tough to mark territories and also scare away other feline intruders. If you own a fur baby who has feared characters, then consider the following names.

Ajax Blade Burly Dozer Hit Kitty
Alpha Blake Captain Splatter Duke Holt
Ammo Bone Cruncher Casanova Fender Bender Icarus
Annihilator Boulder Champ Flex Invictus (Latin for “Unconquerable”)
Anthrax Bouncer Corinthian Flint Jedi
Ares (Greek God of War) Brute Demolition Grinder Juggernaut
Apocalypse Brawn Crusher General Razor Claw Johnny Rotten
Axe Bruiser Diesel Hail Kevlar
Bear Bronx Doctor Hell Helios (Greek Sun God) Knox
Beefcake Buck Doctor Lobotomy Hercules Lockjaw
Prodigy Rampage Ratchet Razor Reaper
Toughie Odin (Norse War God) Nitro Nimbus Nightmare
Mr. Sharp Metal Fang Magus Sasquatch Rock
Mighty Paws Meat hook Scar Ronan Roadkill
Mister Splinter Maverick Scandal Rooster Ripley
Ripper Sniper Stone Swifty Zeus
Scrapper Spike Steel Tattoo Zephyr
Shiver Snyder Surge Toughie Wild Whiskers
Whiskey Warlock Vegas Tombstone Tremor
Turbo Bulldozer Zimmerman Paka Chui

Female Gangster Cat Names

Most female fluffballs tend to be calm and cute. However, some strains have a fierce character that can scare away people or other felines.

If you’re looking for female badass cat name ideas, then you’re lucky. Take your time to read through the list of names highlighted below:

Adara Arya (Hebrew for Lioness) Evanescence Marilyn Man Killer
Climax Astra Expresso Cyanide Madonna
Cleo (Cleopatra) Athena Godiva Daiquiri Kimbra
Cairo Avril Godzilla Dakota Khaleesi (Game of Thrones)
Brooklyn Banshee Himalaya Darla Katniss
Brawny Paws Banyan Huntress Destiny Karma Chameleon
Bastet (Egyptian Cat God) Baroness Artemis (Goddess of Hunting) Electra Kahlan (Strong Leader)
Alaska Alyssa Amber Angelina Aphrodite (Goddess of Beauty)
Minx Jezebelle Odessa Ramble Sekhmet (Egyptian Lion Goddess of War)
Nabisco Juno Ophelia Rogue Sedona
Ndola Punisher Pandora Sabotage Siren
Narcissus Notorious Rebel Sabretooth Tito
Inari Nikita Reno Savannah Pinko
Snapdragon Taboo Sumo Strangler Storm
Stiletto Spirit Zing Zelma Vodka
Venus Valkyrie Utah Tijuana Titania

Unisex Gangster Cat Names

Some badass cat names can work correctly for both males and females. No matter the sex of your furry friend, you can use the following cat name ideas to name them in case they have robust and tenacious characters.

Bones Harley Leopard Racer
Boss Jaguar Lion Rebel
Cheetah Jinx Lynx Rogue
Danger Justice Puma Saber

Badass Cat Names

Here are some of the best badass gangster cat names:


AK47 Bruise Chains Cruzito Escobar
Baby Gangster Bullet Claw Clink Cueball Fender
Big Al Butch Colt Daemon Fester
Big Papa Buzz Crank Decay Forge
Breaker Cannon Creep Dealer Gargoyle
Brewer Capone Creeper El Chuey Gearhead
Harley Ironclad Lynch Patriot Rascal
Hash Killshot Milo Pistol Shorty
Homie Knuckle Duster Montana Psycho Shotgun
Indominus Knuckles Mr Scrappy Punch Uzi
Ink Kraken Pablo Racer 50 Cents
Iron Lil’ Loco Payaso Loco Ranger Governor
Gunner Griller Grenade Grave Gears

Badass Orange Cat Names

Orange cats are so cute, and they deserve sizzling names that match their beauty. Here are some of the burning badass names that perfectly suit them:

Arson Death Valley Ignis (Latin for fire) Rusty
Big Red Dynamite Ignition Sahara
Blazer Ember Infurrno Sandstorm
Blister Ferrari Jalapeno Scorcher
Brick Firecracker Lava Sizzler
C4 Flambe Lucifurr Skyflare
Chilli Flamethrower Magma Tabasco
Copper Ginger Spice Nevada Tang
Crush Heat Stroke Paprika Volcano
Daredevil Hot Stuff Pyro Ribcracker

Gangster Cat Names For Black Cats

Black cats have been revered since ancient times. They have been associated with supernatural myths. They tend to boost a powerful aura of darkness, and it is the reason why they deserve the following badass names:

Abracadabra Black Moon Cinders Damien Ebony
Alakazam Blackout Conjurer Deadzone Eclipse
Beelzebub (Prince of Demons) Blind Spot Cosmos Deception Eight Ball
Black Eye Carbon Crypt Keeper Demon Enigma
Black Hole Charcoal Dark Matter Diablo Fate
Guinness Magic Necromancer Panther Specter
Hades (Greek God of the Underworld) Menace Nightshade Onyx Trump
Hecate (Goddess of Witchcraft) Midnight Ninja Salem Voodoo
Labyrinth Mortician Raven Satan Undertaker
Lucifer Mystery Psyche Shade The Soul Sucker
Lyla Omen Phantom Sirius (Brightest Star in the Sky) Tarot

Villain Cat Names

A lot of movie baddies tend to have cats on their side. Some of the most famous movie baddies of all time are Dr. Evil and Bond, villains.

If you happen to be a lover of such movies and you would love to associate yourself with such bad guys then you can name your feline friend the following names:

Bane Cyborg Dracula Gruber Joker
Bowser Darth Vader Dredd Hannibal Khan
Captain Hook Dillinger Freddy Krueger Hannibal Lecter Krueger
Catwoman Doctor Doom General Zod Hans Leatherface
Count Dracula Dr Evil Gollum Hit Girl Loki
Cruella Draco Gothel Jabba the Hutt Lord Voldemort
Magneto Norman Bates Ratched Stryker The Terminator
Max Cady Pazuzu (The Exorcist) Sandman Sub-Zero Ursula
Megatron Pennywise Sauron Swamp Thing Vader
Montgomery Pinhead Serpentor Thanos Vector
Burns Professor Chaos Skeletor The Borg Voldemort
Mr. Burns Professor Moriarty Soprano The Grinch Zoom

Fierce Cat Names

Does your cat love to chill on the sofa or he is a great hunter? Either way, it is good to honor your apex predator with a fierce name to instill fear to your visitor.

These names include:

Assassin Buckler Dementor Ghost Hellcat
Avenger Captain Doom Ghoul Hellion
Barbarian Chaos Fang Goblin Ire
Basher Cobra Fiend Gremlin Iron heart
Beast Colonel Fury Hammer Javelin
Brute Cutthroat Gauntlet Hatchet Jaws
Killer Mercenary Rowdy Skinner Torment
Mamba Mutant Sabre Tooth Slammer Torpedo
Maniac Ogre Savage Paw Smasher Troll
Masher Poison Scythe Spite Vandal
Master Pain Punk Sentinel Spook Venom
Mauler Rage Sergeant Shredder The Terminator The Furry Villain
Warden Wrath Zombie

Feisty Cat Names

Cat character is unpredictable as much as we adore them. Their attitude is quite dynamic within some seconds.

One minute they want to be purr and the other minute the claws have been awakening. Some will even start hissing at you. You can read my article and learn the reasons why cat hiss.

Here are some of the fun names to use:

Acid Bolt Grouch Lightning Shock Snappy Striker Tsunami Whirlwind
Agro Bullet Kickback Nipper Slasher Splinter Thrasher Whiplash Zapper
Arrow Flash Lasher Raider Slicer Stinger Tornado Whipper
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