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What Is The Snowshoe Cat Lifespan? 5 Fun Snowshoe Facts

What Is The Snowshoe Cat Lifespan?

The snowshoe cat breed originates from the USA dating back to the 1960s. The cat is a crossbreed of a Siamese cat with American short-hair cats. Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty is the initial breeder of the snowshoe cat and she first named this breed silver laces.

Snowshoe is a rare cat because it is difficult to produce a breed that matches its standard characteristics. It is not easy to achieve the standard color and body shape of the snowshoe cat through breeding.

This pet is black in color with varying white patterns that are unique to an individual cat and its coat is shorthaired. As it gets older the color of the snowshoe cat darkens and it eventually turns to chocolate brown.

The snowshoe cat breed is active intelligent and loves the company of human beings. Let’s discuss further some of the snowshoe cat breed unique characteristics.

Snow Shoe Cat Personality

As a pet owner, you will want to find out if the snowshoe cat is a good choice for a pet. What is the personality of a snowshoe cat? A snowshoe cat breed is a charming, loveable, and affectionate cat.

A snowshoe cat enjoys human company and seeks to be given attention. It can also tolerate the presence of other pets. It dislikes being left alone for long hours but can cope when in the company of another cat. A snowshoe cat is easy to handle because it is very social, affectionate, and has a docile temperament. Because of this, you will enjoy keeping it as your pet and your guests will be comfortable with it in your house.

The cat is also intelligent and smart; they learn to do things very fast. You can train it to poop in the right places and teach it to avoid destroying your household items. You may also notice that with time it learns to open various types of doors, it’s, therefore, necessary to ensure all doors in the house are locked properly.

A snowshoe cat likes to play with water; you can teach it how to swim to enjoy the water more.

The cat is also an active pet and it likes to play games with other cats and people. This can create an opportunity to bond more with your pet.

You will love the snowshoe cat more because it meows softly, which is pleasing to your ears.

What Is The Snowshoe Cat Lifespan?

It is important to know the lifespan of your pet. Snowshoe cat breed just like other cat breeds has a life span of 12 to 18 years.

The lifespan of the snowshoe cat depends on its health, lifestyle, feeding procedures, and the cat’s level of exercise. Your pet must eat the right diet often to boost its energy efficiency levels. Since the cat is playful, encourage it to play with other pets or find toys to play with, this will boost their exercise level.

Another important tip to elongate your cat’s lifespan, ensure it is well-groomed and the surrounding area must be kept clean.

Your snowshoe cat must also be healthy for a prolonged lifespan. Keep checking for any signs of poor health and call a vet to administer treatment immediately if they get sick.

Snow Shoe Cat Breed Health Issues

There are no specific health issues for a snowshoe cat breed, it is a generally healthy pet. Although genetically, due to its Siamese origin, it has crossed eyes and a kinked tail. This is not a potential threat to Snowshoe’s health.

However, several forms of illnesses may affect any cat despite the breed it belongs to. It is good to know them just in case your snowshoe feels unwell. They include:

  • Amyloidosis is the abnormal deposit of protein components in the internal organs of a cat. This may cause bacterial infections and diseases like cancer. Do not feed your pet on too much protein to avoid health problems resulting from amyloidosis.
  • Dental problems. Snowshoe cat breeds can suffer from gingivitis which can cause unwanted health problems. Ensure maintain proper dental care for your pet by doing regular dental checks and proper cleaning using cat-friendly kinds of toothpaste.

Consider keeping your pet and the surrounding areas clean to prevent the cat from getting sick unnecessarily. When your pet is exposed to the dirt they are likely to get worm infestation from fleas. The worms cause stomach problems, dull coats, and severe illness to your cat. You should contact your vet to vaccinate and deworm your cat regularly.

What Is The Price Of Snow Shoe Cat?

Snowshoe cat breed costs between $600 and $1800. The pet is not as expensive as other cat breeds in the market. The price of snowshoe cats varies depending on who the breeder is and if they are eligible for shows or to become home pets.

A well-established breeder will sell the cat at a higher price than other breeders. Snowshoe cat breeds eligible for shows cost more than those cats that become ordinary pets.

In conclusion, a snowshoe cat breed is a Siamese mix. It has a unique body characteristic which includes white paws and varying coloration of the coat. It has got white feet hence the name ‘snowshoe’.

While snowshoe kittens are white, they develop black patches as they grow which turn brownish in old age.

The snowshoe cat breed is a rare cat breed, but a friendly pet to keep. Consider owning this cat because of its affection and friendliness to human beings, you should always be close to it or find a nanny to take care of it.

Your pet must be cleaned and groomed well, properly fed, and vaccinated to keep it healthy, this way it will live longer up to 12- 18 years. Be careful when buying a snowshoe cat breed, choose a genuine breeder, and seek the help of a vet to help you get a healthy pet.

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